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Divinya offers various transformative educational programs. 

Divinya, as a learning environment, is quite unique: Here one can learn in a totally holistic way various study fields. Divinya wishes to make life whole again and to go beyond conventional notions of 'study', 'work' and 'leisure'. Course participants live within an eco-spiritual community and are fully integrated with all community projects during their stay - the big permaculture garden or the ecological farm, the flower cultivation, the eco-construction projects, social media related work, as well as the various daily tasks which are needed to run a community. 

Learning in Divinya is very practical and with a big emphasis on direct hands-on experience – all the while learning new skills and expanding one’s horizon and learning how to take responsibility. We believe very much in natural learning which comes by doing something which is actually needed at that moment, rather than just studying something in theory, with the idea of using it sometime in the future. In our view, real life is the best teacher. The challenges that we encounter during the realization of a project, help us to learn at so many different levels. 

Immersing oneself in the living experience in Divinya, one will grow at a personal and spiritual level - evolving into a more whole, more mature, more authentic and more balanced human being. This living experience is based on the Teachings of the enlightened Master Guruji Sri Vast and supports the spiritual quest for personal transformation. In Divinya, we are encouraged and supported to explore our highest potential as human beings - to reconnect with our innermost core and to rediscover our unconditional love, inner peace and freedom. Everything we do serves this higher goal. We see everything as an opportunity to learn about ourselves. In this way, we perceive all of us as students of life, eager to learn and to grow with every new day, learning together in joyful togetherness. 

Divinya Community walking
Sunflower harvesting
Yoga Mela sacred music festival
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