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Welcome to be a Volunteer

3 to 12-month volunteering

Divinya offers a unique volunteering opportunity to applicants who have an extensive thirst for self-transformation and who are pulled by the vision to live and co-create a life in peace, beauty, love and in harmony with ourselves, nature and the cosmic realm. A dream not to be realized at some moment in distant future, but right here, right now!

Volunteers are invited to come to the heart of Divinya’s living and learning experience, to live within the active eco-spiritual community of people from around the world. The community is inspired by the teachings of Guruji Sri Vast and dedicated to create a new expression of life.

preparing potatoes for seeding

The volunteering opportunity is part of the Ecology and Spirituality program. Visit the page for more information:



This is the perfect place to get lost and discover a better version of yourself.
Having the opportunity to live in the community, feeling like one of them from the first minute, is one of the best experiences I had in many years. 

Victor, Spain


My time here is something very hard to describe, and unlike any experience I have had before. Getting to experience living with such a warm community of like-minded people living unconventionally and thriving together, was invaluable; a real eye opener...

Hana, New Zealand


There is a special place in my heart where I treasure the experience I had the opportunity to live in Divinya...It was truly a time of growth and connecting heart to heart to people, getting to know more about my inner self and learning to surrender to life...

Claudia, Romania

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