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A Pilgrimage
of the Soul

A life-affirming experience
in Divinya

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Divinya - A pilgrimage

All over the world spiritual seekers visit pilgrimage sites, seeking inspiration by the lives of the Saints, Masters and Sanghas, who once lived, realized and explored the human potential and contributed to the evolution of humanity. Divinya provides a beautiful opportunity to experience that such a life is being lived in our time.
Pilgrims in Divinya take part in the daily life of the Sangha to taste the profound, devotional living experience of beauty, love, peace, freedom and divine grace.
Welcome to a life-affirming experience that can bring personal transformation and healing into one’s life.

Embarking on a journey
of self-discovery

Being a pilgrim means stepping out of one’s daily routine, withdrawing from the engagements and concerns of worldly life and taking a break from all the stories of the past or from future plans, so that there is space to look deeply within, to reflect and contemplate. A pilgrimage is an inner journey to get in touch with one’s innermost core, coming closer to one’s innate Divinity. A pilgrimage is a profound journey towards one’s deepest Self. Even though a pilgrimage is usually a walk to a place of religious or spiritual significance, it is mostly about the inner journey and inner growth that can take place within oneself. Often people go on a pilgrimage when they find themselves at a crossroad in their life, seeking for a new direction or a new beginning. Pilgrims can also be seekers of truth, seekers of a deeper meaning in life, who want to look for an answer to their quest within themselves. In life we do so many things, but still, we might have the feeling that something is missing. Deep inside we might have the question whether there isn’t something more, something which we can’t really put a finger on. When nothing we do gives a satisfying answer, going on a pilgrimage can bring new insights and inspiration. It can be a life-changing, transformational experience. It is a time for letting go of the old, so that something new can come into one’s life. It allows for something to open up within oneself, so that something very profound, very magnificent can reveal itself. A pilgrimage can inspire one for years to come, maybe even for the rest of one’s life. It is a very precious opportunity to make a living experience of spirituality as part of one’s sacred journey.

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experiencing 3 or 7-day living in a spiritual community

Divinya is home to a spiritual community - and a place which is purely dedicated to the inner growth of everybody who spends time here. In Divinya, spirituality is a lived reality which can be experienced right now. Here, spirituality is a way of life – a living spirituality. Many pilgrimage sites in the world are places where once upon a time, a saint or realized Master lived in a spiritual community as a sangha. Over the decades these places remain as memorial sites of wisdom and the presence of divine grace, and therefore are visited by pilgrims to come to be touched by that experience. The uniqueness of the pilgrimage place Divinya, is that there is no ‘once upon a time’. Divinya is home to a living sangha. Here lives a group of seekers who have found a way of living which fulfills their innermost longing. The sangha of Divinya is a living and learning community which is inspired by the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast. Pilgrims have the invaluable opportunity to take part in the Teachings during Satsangs and retreats and to taste the profound, devotional living experience in Divinya.
Being a pilgrim in Divinya means spending one week with the sangha, which can bring insights to reflect on life and to find new inspiration for one’s own path. One can explore how spirituality can be practically brought into daily life. Spirituality in Divinya is not some exotic practice, but implemented in daily life. Divinya is a place where the dream of a better world is not only hoped for, but where a group of people come together, striving to make it into a lived reality of this very moment. During their stay in Divinya, pilgrims actively take part in all areas of the community life, including morning meditations, yoga classes, gatherings, eating together, singing, karma yoga (selfless service) and much more.

Taking a break from past identities

Going on a pilgrimage in Divinya means to gift yourself with the space to inquire: 'Who am I without my stories and my cultural and social identity?' We are committed to a life in the ‘here and now’ and in inner silence. ‘Inner silence’ does not imply not talking, but we recommend to refrain from talking about the past. This beautiful practice is an invitation to take a break from the past and it gives the opportunity to be approached newly through this very moment, instead of through one’s past stories and identities. This allows for a rediscovery of oneself in a totally new way.

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Reconnecting with inner peace

Divinya provides a nurturing ground to reconnect with oneself and with nature. It is an ideal place when one is on a search for clarity and inner peace. For those who are thirsting for a deeper fulfillment and completion of life, being in Divinya can bring new inspiration for how life can be lived in peace, harmony, beauty, freedom and love. In the living and learning community of Divinya one can find companionship in the search for clarity and inner peace. Living in harmony with nature supports one to reconnect with one’s own inner nature and the miracle of existence. For those who feel that they have been on the run for too long and have lost sight of what they are actually running after, Divinya offers the space to come back to themselves and to rediscover their true self. Those who have reached a point in their life where they seek to go beyond the social standards, thirsting to gain a deeper fulfillment and completion of life, and not knowing which direction to go, Divinya brings new clarity and trust.

"A space is needed where everyone is approached and experienced as a being
rather than their past identities; identities they struggled with, which they try to liberate from. The world needs communities where people can live collectively, to enrich each other’s existence."

Guruji Sri Vast


Get introduced to the
Divinya Experience


Pilgrims take part in an Introductory Program, which gives insights into the underlying philosophy and core values of the Divinya community. Together we are exploring how life can be lived in harmony with ourselves and nature. Part of the Pilgrimage program is that participants get an Introduction to the Divinya experience and philosophy. Each day of the program, members of the community meet the group of pilgrims and explain about the way of life in Divinya. Different topics regarding to what we all undergo as humans in everyday life are discussed, such as gender, family, relationship, life goals and values and the life of the human species on this planet. It is a quest to understand how life can be lived in tune with nature, and how to reconnect with one’s own nature. All pilgrims who visit Divinya are connected with a mentor during their stay. The role of the mentor is to give practical guidance, clarity and answers to questions that pilgrims might have and can be helpful on their journey.


This program is for you if…

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  • you long to take a break and reconnect with yourself

  • you wish to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, serenity and healing atmosphere

  • you are longing to find peace and stillness within yourself,

  • you wish to meet like-minded people who are leading a life in devotional and joyful, transformative togetherness

  • you wish to explore a grounded spirituality, which is practiced at every moment of the day

  • you are thirsting for answers to the questions which arise from the depth of your soul

  • you are looking for an inspiration on how to formulate your spiritual thirst and to receive guidance

What you can expect:

  • A living spirituality - spirituality implemented in practical everyday life

  • A living meditation - being in the here and now in everything we do

  • Yoga as a way of life

  • A joyful, transformative togetherness within a spiritual community

  • A daily rhythm tuned with nature

  • Daily Morning Meditations

  • Karma Yoga (selfless service)

  • Satsang

  • Morning and evening programs, incl. Yoga, nature walks, devotional singing, silent gatherings for self-reflection, and much more

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sharings by pilgrims

Pilgrim in Divinya

What is very special for me in the experience is that spirituality is really lived and implemented. There is no ‘spirituality’ on the one hand and the so called ‘real life’ on the other hand. It is not a class or workshop that we are doing here, but it is an experience - an actual, real experience of how spirituality is brought into life, in connection with nature, in connection with people, from heart to heart. That inspires me incredibly.

Daniela, Germany

Pilgrim in Divinya

I feel so supported here on my inner journey and I am so grateful for it. I want to explore my highest potential, not settling for anything less. In Divinya I find the courage to go for that. And the necessary discipline. There is such a strong support and such a love. It is something very great. I can only be thankful for that. My time in Divinya has changed me and I feel very happy.

Dennis, Germany

Pilgrim in Divinya

I don’t have words for my experience in Divinya. It is so great and so new. Before coming here, I didn’t believe that something like this existed. There is no way to imagine Divinya before you are here. I am so incredibly thankful that I got to experience it, that I got to live it.

Esmee, The Netherlands

More information

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This price includes 3 or 7 nights, 3 meals a day, evening tea, and all pilgrim programs. For additional nights contact us

3 day pilgrimage
(Friday - Sunday)

Room shared (2 people)

Room single:

Age 6 – 16 

Age 0 – 6         


250 €

400 €

Half price

7 day pilgrimage
(Saturday - Saturday)

Room shared (2 people)

Room single:

Age 6 – 16 

Age 0 – 6         


770 €

1330 €

Half price

Additional nights upon request.

Divinya Times

Divinya Times Magazine - A Pilgrimage of the Soul - Summer 2021

A magazine about
Pilgrimage in Divinya

In this edition of our Divinya Times Community members and pilgrims share their Divinya experiences and in what way being in Divinya has been a pilgrimage of the soul for them.

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An inspiration for a new humanity

Divinya is a place where people come together to create a new reference for ecologically sustainable, spiritual living in all aspects of life.

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