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Living Enlightenment

8-day Retreat

with Guruji Sri Vast

 26 July - 2 August, 2024

“Liberate, totally Liberate,
until the question of Liberation disappears within you.
Flow, just flow with the Life. In that flow you and me will disappear.
The comparison of your inner and outer world will disappear.
Without knowing you will realize that you are already there.”
Guruji Sri Vast

Beyond all sufferings, beyond all obstacles in life, beneath the worldly life, you can find a layer of you which is intangible, which is pure, which is Divine, which is already complete.
The encounter with the Master brings one to realize that layer which is Divine, which has to be explored, experienced and expressed in this life – the purpose one is born with.

Welcome to a 8-day profound journey - full of joy, full of love and full of light. The Master’s graceful and loving presence and flow of natural wisdom bring us in direct contact with our natural state.
The retreat contains daily Teachings with Guruji Sri Vast, yoga classes, chanting, singing and transformational togetherness with the Sangha.



The retreat includes daily Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast. Satsang is a profound gathering around the truth – exploring the deepest meaning of life; it is an inspiration to come closer to one’s true self. Guruji invites everyone on a journey of self-realization. During Satsang you are welcome to bring up questions which are most important to you at this point of your life, questions which can bring insight towards total liberation.

The retreat is incorporated in the community’s daily rhythm of meditation, yoga, singing and chanting, self-reflection and transformative sadhanas - nurturing body, mind and soul. There is also time to take healing sessions in Divinya’s Healing Center, contemplative nature walks and participation in the community life with Seva.

Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast

"When you say you are going to be enlightened one day, you will never get enlightened,
 because it is not something that you are going to be. 
It is something you are right now, in this moment. 
When you want to become something, you are denying what you are now, 
you are denying God, because God will not happen in the future.
God is happening now. It is what you radiate now. It is the way of your true Nature. 
The enlightened person experiences the totality of his existence in every moment. 
His world is enlightened. His senses are enlightened. 
Through that everything and everyone become divine, including you. 
Enlightenment is the flower of the human existence. That is so beautiful. 
The enlightened person is just busy in blooming. 
Come let us bloom together!"

Guruji Sri Vast

Guruji Sri Vast
Guruji Sri Vast

Guruji Sri Vast

Experience Guruji Sri Vast – a Master, mystic and poet – full of authentic joy, love, grace, and a flow of natural wisdom – teaching celebration of life as a way to total liberation.

The graceful presence of the Master communicates directly to the divine source within us. It is a universal language of love and compassion. The message is a grounded, awakening spirituality, directly applicable in our practical everyday life. It is an inspiration to connect ourselves with every moment naturally, so that we can experience the wholeness of our own existence.

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Guruji Sri Vast giving a Satsang in Divinya
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