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Living Enlightenment

Born Once Again

with Guruji Sri Vast

July 26 - Aug 2, 2024

Retreat with Guruji Sri Vast

Welcome to an 8-day profound inner journey – full of joy, full of love, and full of light. The retreat ‘Living Enlightenment’ is a unique opportunity to explore the path of self-realization. 

Deep inside of everyone there is a seeker, searching for the meaning of its existence beyond conditions, and who can find peace, joy, love and freedom dwelling in his true authentic self. Guruji Sri Vast shares a profound path to enter into the realm of the enlightened state – a world of pervasive, infinite self. The retreat is a life-affirming experience – an exciting new journey inviting one to be ‘born once again’.

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Experience Guruji Sri Vast – a Living Master, mystic, and poet, full of authentic joy, love, grace & a flow of natural wisdom, teaching celebration of Life as a way to total liberation.


The message is a grounded, awakening spirituality, directly applicable in our practical everyday life. It is an inspiration to connect ourselves with every moment naturally so that we can experience the wholeness of our own existence.


Guruji Sri Vast's Teachings

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Encountering a living Master

To gather in the presence of a Master is to experience a profound feeling of home where the core of our being is unconditionally accepted. While the mind listens to the Master’s words, the Master’s silence communicates with our heart.

The graceful presence of the Master communicates directly to the divine source within us. Beyond all sufferings, beyond all obstacles in life, beneath the worldly life, one can find a layer of oneself which is intangible, which is pure, which is Divine, which is already complete. The encounter with the Master brings one to realize that layer which is Divine, which has to be explored, experienced and expressed in this life – the purpose one is born with.


"You are searching, longing to experience the completeness of you, the infinite and unlimited you.
Deep inside you remember the freedom, you remember the light, you remember being divine, being one with the whole.
And you want to reclaim it.
That is your search."

Retreat Program

  • Daily Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast

  • Morning meditation

  • Yoga

  • Transformative spiritual practices

  • Singing and chanting

  • Guided self-inquiry

  • Sacred music concerts

  • Various gatherings in the presence of the Master.

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Satsang is a profound gathering around the truth – exploring the deepest meaning of life. In direct contact with the Master, we can ask questions which are most important to us at this point in our lives. When we are open to letting ourselves be touched by the wisdom of the Master, deep insights can reveal themselves and new doors may open. 


Guruji’s Teachings can become a catalyst for a deep transformation of one’s life. They offer practical guidance on steps we can take to reach our goals, liberate ourselves from past holdings and patterns, and fulfill our purpose in this life.


“Liberate, totally Liberate, until the question of Liberation
disappears within you. Flow, just flow with the Life.
In that flow you and me will disappear.
The comparison of your inner and outer world will disappear.
Without knowing you will realize
that you are already there."

Pricing & Accommodation


The retreat is a complete 8-day residential program, starting with all participants on July 25 in the evening and ending in the morning on August 3.


All prices include the retreat program, food & accommodation


*All prices include the retreat program, food & accommodation

Meet and celebrate the life through the eyes of an enlightened Master

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Divinya - Sweden

The retreat is taking place in Divinya, a spiritual living and learning community that is inspired to bring the Sri Vast Teachings into a practical living experience. It is a space for self-transformation, where one can find companionship on the spiritual path in one’s search for clarity and inner peace. Retreat participants have the chance to be part of the Divinya community living exploring a life in peace and harmony.


Divinya is located in a beautiful Swedish castle atmosphere with a few hundred hectares of ecological farms, old oak forests, fields, rolling hills and meadows, lakes and rivers, classical parks and alleys, fruit orchards and a big permaculture garden which give an experience of vastness and tranquility. It is a profound, peaceful environment that invites one to wander and contemplate.