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Divya Deha



Holistic Healing Center in Divinya

Divinya’s Healing Center offers a holistic healing program called Divya Deha – The Divine Body. The Divya Deha approach is to honor each individual body, mind and soul. The aim is to release stored imprints in the body and support one’s consciousness to transcend into an awakened state.

Everybody wants to live a good life. Everybody wants to be healthy. Everybody wants to live in peace and freedom and a life in harmony with the loved ones and all living beings. This is what we dream about and so deeply long for. There is this hope, that one day we will achieve a complete life in freedom.

Cosmic influence on the body
Cosmic influence on the body

Throughout evolution, there have been so many cosmic events forming this life, and from this great cosmic play, the divine human being has arisen. We are part of this universe, deeply interconnected with the whole creation. As the stars and planets are moving, so we are moved by their changing constellations – which bring impact in our life course.

What we need is a complete rebirth. The key to attracting a life in abundance, peace, love and freedom lies within our body. If we want to change our life, we have to start by transforming our body.

All the information about one’s past karmic life and one’s destiny in this life is stored in the body. Unless the karmic imprints in the body are transformed, we will always fall back in our old karmic cycle and keep on repeating the same inherited imprints. 

Divya Deha Healing Programs realign the physical body with nature and the cosmos. By tuning the body with the cosmic energy, Divya Deha vitalizes the body and activates its self-healing potential.

Divya Deha helps one to redirect one’s life destiny by transforming the body which attracts new life situations and life experiences. The processes work on the cellular level of a person, freeing the Karmic imprints by transforming the body’s cell memory. Naturally the body’s desires will change in the process and the Divine body will be awakened.

Cosmic influence on the body
Natural healing treatment

Divinya’s Healing Center offers 3 to 21-day Divya Deha healing processes which are personalized to meet the individual life needs. The programs are designed to liberate oneself from inherent past imprints, traumas, and emotional blockages and bondages. Divya Deha processes prepare the body for self-realization and reinstall the cosmic connection in the body. Aligning one’s body with the cosmic plane brings a sense of infiniteness into one’s life.
Divya Deha prepares the body as a temple for the Divine existence.

Welcome to explore the wholeness of yourself – a potential of you. Welcome to be reborn!


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