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of the Self

12-day Retreat
with Guruji Sri Vast

Dec 22, 2023 - Jan 2, 2024

Welcome to share a precious time in the presence of the living Master and be immersed in the timeless wisdom of his message.


Awakening of the Self

The quest of stillness and liberation is always an inbuilt urge to attain. Throughout life all efforts are made in different ways and different forms, with the ultimate goal of finding the true Self. No matter what we do, and how we do it, we are looking for this awakened state, recapturing our natural inner peace, joy and freedom.

A retreat with Guruji Sri Vast is a spiritual encounter. It is a way to meet our true Self and become free from our past holdings and patterns. Immersed in the loving and graceful presence of the Master, we open up to our inner being. It is an invitation to dive into our deepest essence. The retreat consists of early morning meditation, yoga, unique self-inquiry, nature experiences, gatherings with celebrative, joyful singing and chanting and daily Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast. 

Taking part in a retreat with Guruji Sri Vast is a very profound, transformative experience. Unique self-realizations take place in the presence of the beloved Master – full of wisdom, laughter, love and humor. Guruji’s Teachings are not only transforming the individual  – when the individual transforms, the world of that individual is transformed. The retreat is an inner journey towards the path of self-realization, and a guidance for practical spirituality in everyday life.

Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast in Divinya

“Life happens only once in this way.

You are a unique existence and you have the possibility to experience this life form in a unique way, which belongs to you and cannot be taken away from you. This journey can be a totally different experience. Come, come, let us reclaim the way of your being.”


Guruji Sri Vast

Guruji Sri Vast is a Living Master, mystic and poet – full of authentic joy, love, grace & a flow of natural wisdom, teaching the celebration of Life as a way to total liberation.

Guruji’s Teachings bring freedom, love and bliss into everyday life. It ignites self-transformation of one’s past imprints, conditions and boundaries. Attaining one’s natural state – the realized one – is the core of Guruji’s Teachings. Guruji invites everyone into the Enlightened Era, where humanity can live in harmony with all beings and explore the love, beauty and sacredness in everything and everyone.

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Guruji Sri Vast

“My Teachings are nothing but my life. I cannot separate my living and the Teachings. I cannot do two things at the same time. So I choose to live. And my life is nothing but my celebration.

And my celebration is nothing but my message.”

Guruji Sri Vast


Coming to the retreat feels like coming home, I have been coming for 18 years now and every retreat is different, with different people, different questions. What became more clear for me this time, is that everybody is important, everybody is contributing to the path that humanity takes. It gives me the feeling that we are not just the victim, it makes me aware and awake. What I love about Guruji is that what he teaches is not just theory, it is a living experience, it is practical.

Jutta, Austria


It has been a really intensive and good experience. It is food for thoughts and it is a nurturing time for the body as well. All of which you are told gets a container to live in and that is a really good feeling. You feel part of the community. Breaking old patterns, seeing things in a new light, looking at it with fresh eyes, and doing it together! There is a great sense of love ― and that is healing.

Jakob, Denmark


I had this idea of ‘I want to be free’, but once I peeled off the first layer, with the help of Guruji’s Teachings, I could see that I was never in for freedom. I wanted this and that, I wanted so many things. Once I kind of came clean with myself, I could see that these were my ‘needs’ and from that point on, I could go further. Before I was just acting, not knowing myself. I really feel that Guruji has this super sharp way of going into that ‘freedom’. It has nothing to do with life as we know it, but it has everything to do with our natural core. Just being with Him is out of this world, it is so much love and it just needs to be expressed.

Luka, Croatia

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