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13-20 July 2024, Sweden

Yoga Mela is an initiative to rejoice in the spirit of yoga, sacred music & divine wisdom – full of inspiration, meaningful togetherness and a thriving learning towards a new humanity.

Yoga Mela is a vibrant gathering to celebrate the beauty, love, and sacredness of life. The festival is part of a non-commercial yoga movement, promoting the transformative essence of Yoga as a way of life.

It is a 100% non-commercial and volunteer-based event, and everybody is heartily invited to co-create it together with us – by spreading the word in your community, and by taking actively part in the beautiful caring and sharing festival atmosphere. Let us create once again a profound collective energy field of peace, love and innocent joy.

Welcome to a celebration full of authentic joy, freedom and devotion


Line up

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Welcome to be part of an event that radiates authentic joy, heart-warming togetherness, and the transformative essence of Yoga as a way of life. Let us carry the spirit of our collective journey in our hearts, spreading love and peace wherever we go.

Impressions from the last edition


My experiences at the festival are beyond words, beyond my expectations. My intention was to get more clarity and more peace, meet people, make new friends. What I experienced went far beyond these intentions. I gained so much energy, self insights, friends, connections, inspiration, ideas! My yoga batteries are refilled - I burn now to continue my journey - living and sharing Yoga with others.



Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL LOVE BOOST at Yoga Mela 2023 !! Such a bunch of higher vibrating souls - no shallowness, instead everyone was so friendly, caring, genuine, loving.... and the experience with sacred music was wonderful! I still feel so uplifted and transformed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you ALL so much for your loving service in putting this all together.
Peace, unity, and love



I don't think I have ever experienced such harmony, such unity and accord – among a group of people who don't know each other, people of different backgrounds, cultures, languages. Such deep responsiveness and sensitivity of a group. Acting as a swarm of bees - individuals forming one body - of love, generosity, tenderness. This space is a space of wisdom, presence and attention - a space of love.
Here I've experienced sensations I've never experienced before. And my heart is full. Thank you."


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