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Divinya Community

Home to a living and learning yoga community


Divinya is home to a living and learning yoga community – a group of people who practice yoga as a way of living.


The community, inspired by the spiritual Master Guruji Sri Vast, consists of people from different countries and mixed age groups, with various talents and capacities.

The community members are engaged in permaculture and ecological farming, eco-building, natural healing, educational activities and nature conservation.

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The unique character of Divinya is the living community of people who believe in conscious living, personal transformation and the common good, who are actively engaged in creating a profound holistic living and learning atmosphere.

Everyone visiting Divinya enters into this unique experience of being part of a global family rather than being a guest.


Divinya is open for like-minded people to participate in creating life in harmony with nature.

Welcome to take part in a transformative living and learning experience!



My experience of living in Divinya is beyond what I had imagined; it is truly life-transforming. I was not new to spirituality when I came – I had read much and experienced many things. However, being in Divinya ...

Anton, Sweden


This is a place for the new humanity. It is a totally, radically different experience than what we have in society. Everything is providing a totally new experience, something new, a new meal, nothing recycled...

Luka, Croatia

Community Member

I came and felt I was finally on the right path. After two weeks I decided to stay. I tried so much in the past years, looking for myself and the sense of purpose. All I did was always not enough. I was not attracted by money or...

Florie, France

Upcoming programs

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Peace Gatherings

Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast And Sacred Music


Pilgrimage of the Soul

A 3 or 7 day living experience in Divinya


Awakening of the Self

A 12-day retreat with Guruji Sri Vast

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Ecology & Spirituality

a 3 to 12-month volunteering program in Divinya

Learn more about divinya 


An inspiration for a new humanity

Divinya is a place where people come together to create a new reference for ecologically sustainable, spiritual living in all aspects of life.

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