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Ecology & Spirituality


The Path of the Sustainable Yogi

A life-transforming living and learning experience

3-months | 6-months | 12-months

Welcome to Divinya’s unique program Ecology & Spirituality – The path of the sustainable Yogi – offering profound learning experiences for transformative life changes.

The Ecology & Spirituality program is an opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of life, key answers in the quest for a sustainable future for all, and insights on how to practically take part in the shift in consciousness towards a new, ecological and divine era.

It is a beautiful endeavor to explore our role at this time, on this planet, and to collectively find a new way to evolve towards a harmonious living experience among all beings on Earth.

Flower harvesting.jpg

Ecology & Spirituality provides a nurturing ground where one can find one’s passion and function in this life, and learn skills and gain wisdom to create the life which one wants to live.

Taking part in this program means being part of the living and learning community of Divinya and taking part in a transformational learning experience.

The fields of inner growth, eco-spirituality, yoga as a way of living, community life and the topics of humanology, ecology and cosmology, are holistically explored within the depth of a practical living experience.

The Community of Divinya

The Ecology & Spirituality program is very much about being part of the Divinya community and its vision - living, learning and creating alongside like-minded seekers.

The eco-spiritual community is a group of highly motivated, active and dedicated visionaries, who practically explore a new reference for an ecologically sustainable and spiritual living, in all aspects of practical life.

The community is inspired by the teachings of the spiritual Master Guruji Sri Vast, guiding us to go beyond any cultural and social conditioning and rediscovering our natural state of being.

Inner Yoga

“Everyone wishes for a better world, a world of beauty, peace, love and freedom.
But no one knows when this will happen or who will create it.
Unless a group of people start to live and create, it will be a utopia forever.

Unless a living experience is created, every inspiration is just an idea.
Only collectively lived experiences become consciousness. Divinya is an initiative dedicated to creating a new expression of life, where beauty, love, peace and freedom are not in the future but in our present reality.” 


During your time in Divinya you will be fully integrated in the community projects.

Being part of the community life means learning through living, understanding through experiencing and growing through participating.

The community aims for a self-sustainable lifestyle and is actively engaged in a wide range of areas like:

  • Eco-building projects

  • A large scale ecological cultivation of crops and vegetables (incl. 700 tn of organic wheat, etc).

  • Forest and park management, landscaping, wild life preservation

  • Cooking & food preservation

  • Production of clothing & other products

  • Natural healing

  • Documentary film making, book and music production

  • Photography, graphic design, and many more.

Building a house
Preparing plates for dinner

Taking Part in All Aspects
of Community Life:

  • Morning meditation

  • Inner Yoga practice

  • Seva (engagements in the daily activities as described above)

  • Nature walks

  • Singing gatherings with music composed by the community

  • Gatherings in contemplative silence

  • Individual and collective self-inquiry

  • Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast

  • Watching documentaries and insightful movies


  • Finding one’s passion and function in this life

  • Learning skills and gain wisdom to create the life which one wants to live

  • Receiving guidance to finding meaning in Life and reaching one’s highest potential

  • Learning about sustainable living through active participation in practical daily life

  • Experiencing community life, group dynamics and functioning together

  • Experiencing a spirituality implemented and lived in practical everyday life – a living spirituality

  • Practicing being in the here and now in everything we do – a living meditation

  • Exploring Yoga as a way of life

  • Exploring a holistic sustainable eco-spiritual way of life


Program Start

It is possible to join the program throughout the year at the beginning of each month.

Upcoming Starting Dates:


September 7

Volunteering Possibility

You are welcome to contact us for more information about the Ecology & Spirituality Program. We are happy to send you more details on how you can apply as a volunteer for the program.



When you come to the Ecology & Spirituality program, you are coming into a group of people who actively take part in creating the world they want to live in. That was such an inspiring and meaningful experience for me. It changed my perception of life completely...

Serena, Belgium


I have learned here in Divinya what it means to be available for life. Life is not happening tomorrow, it is now. This practical approach to spirituality allows me to open my heart every day a little bit more. I experience an awakening of all my senses. The sweet smell of flowers...

Liesbet, Belgium


My time in Divinya is unlike any experience I have had before. Getting to experience living with such a warm community of like-minded people living unconventionally and thriving together, was invaluable; a real eye-opener. I would highly recom...

Levke, Germany

What does the Divinya community collectively inquire into?

A practical spirituality - The Path of the Sustainable Yogi

The life in Divinya aims to translate the timeless wisdom of Yoga into daily life expressions. Spending time in Divinya invites one to inquire deeply into the questions ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is the meaning of life? How can I bring union between me and this life?’

Yoga is not understood as a separate practice but as a way of life – a spiritual path of rediscovering our true self. For the ones who are longing to come closer to themselves, being part of the transformative togetherness of the community offers guidance and companionship on the path of inner growth.

The community in the garden.jpg

Creating a Life in Peace


We wish for a world in peace. But do we have a reference for a life lived in peace? In Divinya visionaries from all over the world come together to practically explore how we can make this distant dream a reality of this moment.
Enriched by the communion of seekers, Divinya offers space to reflect our life and to inquire how we can actively participate in creating peace in our daily life. How can we make this quest practical? What is my contribution to this life, to this moment? Through my thoughts, my interactions with others, my behaviour, what am I radiating to my surrounding? How can I direct my contribution towards creating the world I would like to live in?


“Let us shape the New Paradigm with our highest dreams.
Let us create a world where love, care and share are the core of every thought, of every word, of every act. Let life be experienced as a borderless flow of joy, in compassion with all living beings, including yourself.”

Guruji Sri Vast

Silent walk.jpg
Eating in the garden

Building Collective Consciousness

When we talk about a shift in consciousness, what is it that we wish to collectively move towards? How do we want to shape this new consciousness? What are the values and qualities we want to live by? What is the ultimate possibility of this life?


In Divinya’s togetherness, we wish to contribute to the emergence of a new paradigm, which includes components like going beyond personal ownership, beyond the biological family system, and beyond an ego-centric perspective, towards living for the common good. We are dedicated to building a collective consciousness, actively manifesting in daily life the values we are inspired by – widening the individual perspective towards realizing our highest human potential.

Rediscovering Life on this Planet

If you want to become an engineer, a businessman or an architect, you have many universities to go to and study. But to which university can you go if you want to become a human?

Where can you go if you are not interested in becoming a teacher or a healer, but if you are longing to explore the ultimate peak of your existence? Divinya humbly wishes to provide that space.

Divinya is a place for people who have the thirst to inquire: Beneath our cultural conditioning, what is the life of the human species born on this planet? How can we participate in this life, in the great harmony of nature? It is an exploration of the human as a cosmic being – an exploration of the triangular relationship between the human, the ecosystem and the cosmic order.

Hedge dining.jpg

You are welcome to rediscover your true potential in life.
Use this special time to listen within and to focus on what world you would like to live in.

We welcome you to explore and co-create a practical, spiritual life

– a life in devotion, gratitude and beauty.

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