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Dear souls,

Welcome to Divinya – a natural sanctuary of innovative learning, open for people who wish to explore the true potential and deeper meaning of life. Divinya serves as a meeting point for visionaries in the quest of a new ecological paradigm. The Center for Evolutionary Consciousness shares a contemplative atmosphere, providing a nurturing ground for personal transformation and to rediscover life on Earth.

An international community has formed to manifest a living experience towards the enlightened Era, being practically engaged in creating a life in harmony with ourselves, nature and the cosmic realm.

The spiritual center offers experiential education, retreats and festivals in the field of yoga, meditation, eco-spirituality, and inner growth. Divinya programs are for adults and children, inspiring towards an authentic, joyful and harmonious life within this awakening consciousness.

Welcome to be part of the Dream.


Yoga Mela Festival 2023

The International Yoga & Sacred Music Festival will take place for 8 days from July 15 to 22.
Early Bird registrations starting soon!

Ecology & Spirituality

3-month, 6-month, 12-month program

Divinya - Harvesting sunflowers

The Path of the Sustainable Yogi.
A unique opportunity to find one’s passion and function in this life.


Experiencing Divinya

Inner Yoga in the park


Seekers from all over the world come to Divinya as pilgrims to experience the transformational togetherness of the eco-spiritual community. The Divinya experience can enhance one’s life with a new reference of living this life, allowing one the space to look deeply within and listen to one’s inner calling. It is a profound, life-affirming experience that supports one's spiritual path with new insights and inspiration. Pilgrims take part in the daily life of the community and participate in Divinya’s introductory program, where we explore together how spirituality can be brought into practical living.

Divinya Insights



Divinya has an abundance of wildlife - it is common to encounter deers, hares, and a great diversity of birds. The parks, forests and fields have a rich display of flora and fauna.

Magazine: Divinya Times

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Components of Divinya