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Yoga Mela

6th International Yoga & Sacred Music Festival

15 - 22 July 2023

Dear Yoga Souls

Yoga Mela is a vivid blend of Yoga, Sacred Music and life wisdom. An inspiration to be part of a living spirituality. The 8-day festival is a celebration full of authentic joy, devotion and freedom.

We welcome you to rejoice in the spirit of yoga, sacred music, singing and the magic of living together! It is the sixth year that we are arranging the Festival and it has become a great event in co-creation with all the international artists, teachers and fellow seekers – full of inspiration, meaningful togetherness and new learning towards a new humanity.

Join us for an 8-day continuous celebration with over 200 programs – with world-renowned artists, fellow seekers and yoga enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Artists and Teachers

Discover who co-creates Yoga Mela.

Yoga Mela offers more than 200 programs with world-known and new artists and teachers from all over the world. Please visit our website regularly for more surprises as many more names will be announced in the coming weeks.


Participant at Yoga Mela

I was attending a festival, but it turned out to be an experience of a lifetime. So many kind people to meet, and experiences to gain. If you are open to the flow of life, and letting go of old ideas, this place is really something unique.

Jonas, Denmark

Participant at Yoga Mela

The energy that is created at Yoga Mela comes from the intention and the seeds being put by this community. It is not a place where you just come and consume. It is a place where you come and contribute with your beautiful being to this weaving together.

Mirabai Ceiba, Germany USA

Participant at Yoga Mela

Do not miss this opportunity because it is not something available in many places. The depth of what we are doing here reaches a part of your heart, which is not touched by many things in normal life.

Mati, Argentina

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