Dear Souls

Welcome to Divinya – a natural sanctuary of innovative learning, open for people who wish to explore the true potential of life.

Divinya serves as a meeting point for visionaries in the quest of a new ecological paradigm by offering education, festivals and seminars in the field of Ecology, Meditation and Inner Growth. Divinya provides a contemplative living and learning atmosphere inviting one to rediscover Life on Earth.

Divinya programs are tuned for grown ups and children, inspiring towards a healthy, joyful, meditative and harmonious lifestyle. Divinya is driven by an active living and learning yoga community. Welcome to be part of the Dream.


“Let us shape the New Paradigm with our highest dreams, Let us create a world where love, care and share are the core of every thought, of every word, of every act. Let life be experienced as a borderless flow of joy, in compassion with all living beings, including yourself.”

Divinya Gatherings starting mid March.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Divinya Gathering with Open Satsang

Every Saturday

with Yoga, Singing, Satsang and a Dinner
The weekly Divinya Gathering is a meeting point for fellow seekers who are on the path of self-realization and seeking inspiration for harmonious living.

Ecology and Spirituality

Upcoming Events

Yoga Weekends

Regularly from April onwards

A Living Meditation
A time for all yoga enthusiasts to gather on weekends and explore various styles of yoga in a beautiful, serene, yogic atmosphere. Welcome to take part in Yoga, Meditation, Seva, Chanting and Satsang.

Ecology and Spirituality

Upcoming Events

Ecology & Spirituality

Starting every month

Ecology & Spirituality is a life transformative learning experience. The 6-month education provides theoretical classes and practical experiences. It aims to promote self-sustainability and to strengthen the spiritual dimension in our relationship with the Earth and with ourselves.

Ecology and Spirituality

Upcoming Events



Retreats with Guruji Sri Vast - full of wisdom and inspiration in the presence of the living master. Guiding you in the path of total liberation. An opportunity to embrace your true nature.


Living Enlightenment

July 2020     read more

Satyam Sivam Sundaram

August 2020      read more


“Let us shape the New Paradigm with our highest dreams, Let us create...

Yoga Community

Divinya is home to a living and learning yoga community – a group...