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The Origin of Inner Yoga

Inner Yoga – Interview with Guruji Sri Vast

“I cannot say that Inner Yoga was created by me. It was the experience that my body went through during the shift which took place in me. The body started to respond and move naturally on its own, responding to the movement taking place in the cosmic realm. Whatever you see, something is happening to you. When you look at a tree, or a cow, or a beggar in the street, whatever you see – something is happening to you. It is not necessarily the natural way because our mind is full of informed desires. This desire is not necessarily a true desire. It is suppressed in nature. So, whatever we see, only a certain part of the experience is expressed.

“For example, a plant is in need of water. By seeing that plant, a person may feel the need for water, but not necessarily something is happening to him, not necessarily his body is moving towards giving water to the plant. One cannot say that nothing is happening, something is happening. But the person is not there, in the present, to respond, to experience, to witness what is happening inside of him. When you look at the wounded animal, when you look at the dried flower, something is happening to you. But you must be there to witness, to experience, to express and respond to what is happening there. The beauty of Enlightenment is the ability to respond. In the Enlightened state, the body responds to every movement in

the nature. Slowly I recognized that my body is moving and responding and experiencing in a totally different manner. It was able to experience what was being experienced by the nature.

“For example, there is an experience in the flower itself and when you enter into the flower, you experience what is experienced by the flower. You are both blooming simultaneously. It is a beautiful experience. When you look at the tree, you are able to become one with the tree and you are able to experience what is experienced by the tree itself. The beautiful opportunity in this life is that you are born in this life, in the human body. You want to be able to experience every dimension of this life. It is a divine nature. It is a beautiful God-realization that what is created, is experienced.

“The origin of Inner Yoga comes from that. My body started to respond, to move and through that movement, what took place was how different planets, different stars, different species of this life are connected within this body. And through that experience, Inner Yoga arose. I was not purposely creating or developing Inner Yoga. It was just taking place. Through this practice, one can enter into what is naturally entered by me.”


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