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Ecology and the Divine Agreement

Excerpt from the soon-released book: Rediscovering Life on Earth by Guruji Sri Vast

The term Ecology is a very, very interesting term. People talk about an ecological point of view, ecological farming, ecological production, etc, yet whatever we do, in terms of ‘Deep Ecology’ it is not valid. Even ecological farming itself is not valid. Today’s civilization started with farming: We started agriculture; we started a culture of cultivation, and slowly evolved further and ended up in this robotic civilization. So from the ecological point of view, whatever we are doing, it is not right.

From an ecological point of view, living in a cold climate is not right at all. Even if you use wood heating, even if you use earth heating, we are not talking about an ecological way of heating. Heating itself is not ecological!

What is ecology and the divine agreement?

When we are talking about ecological food, most of the time we are talking about ecologically grown and cultivated food, without chemicals. Then what about the packing? For the packing we say that we use compostable plastic. Then what about the transport? For the transport we use bio-diesel. Then what about the trade? We say it is Fair Trade. Then who is producing it? It is coming from Thailand… Then what kind of ecology is this going to be? If you talk about ecology you must live and have a real understanding of ecology. Ecological food must be location specific. Eating bananas in Germany is not eco-friendly. Eating apples in South India is not eco-friendly. You have to understand, we are all pranic beings (prana: life, breath); we live in a pranic region.

In India we have banana, pineapple, mango and coconut, and they all interact with each other. If we remove the pineapple from that ecosystem, something is taken away from there. For bananas, mangoes and coconuts, the pineapple is playing a role. And the neem tree is playing a role for the banana plant. No plant is a waste. Normally we see the ecosystem through the human-centric point of view. You may say, “Don’t cut this tree, it is an apple tree. But that tree over there is no problem. That one is waste.” You may not be able to eat anything from that other tree, but the apple tree may need it. Something from this tree is supporting the existence of the apple tree, and the apple tree is supporting your existence.

There is an interrelationship between everything, that is ecology and the divine agreement. In India we are living in one particular pranic region, and in Sweden we are living in another pranic region. If one wants to be healthy, one should first of all not misplace oneself. The second thing is, even if you happened to misplace yourself, at least try to eat local food, what is produced in that region. If potatoes and strawberries are produced in Sweden, then that is good to eat there. If your food system is based on what is available locally you will be much healthier. On top of that, when you mix strawberries with pineapple, from an ecological point of view, something is contradicting: You are confusing your system with the pineapple from a warmer pranic region and the strawberry from a colder pranic region.

One thing is understanding ecology; the other thing is living with ecology. Now, in the name of ecology we are trying to be comfortable. We are talking about guilt-free ecology; we are not talking about ecology. We like to have the same comfort, but eco-friendly. We are not questioning our clothes, whether it is necessary to have clothes or not. Instead of raising that very fundamental question, we are questioning whether we can have ecologically produced clothes. We demand organically produced clothes. In a way it is a good initial step from inorganic to organic. From this, the next step is asking for total freedom.

We have our individual needs, individual spaces: Individualism. Now we want to entertain and sustain these individual needs in an eco-friendly manner: “I have my fridge, I have my TV, I have my house, and everything is run by solar power.” You feel good. You don’t question: How many people can use that fridge? Or how many people can use that space?

In your body there is a kind of agreement between all the parts, between all the components of your system. This agreement you can call ‘consciousness’. When one part is slipping away from that agreement, you collapse.

There is a planetary consciousness. Ecology and the divine agreement means that rain comes, wind comes, sun comes; there is a kind of balance in everything. There is an agreement in nature. If the coconut tree suddenly wants to give apples, or if the rice plant decides to give wheat, saying, “I am tired of giving rice all the time, I am on my own, and I want to make my own decisions, now I want to do something different. I want to give wheat.” – then you are in trouble.

There is an agreement in nature. There is an agreement in this ecosystem for this kind of insect, for that kind of animal, for this kind of bird and that kind of fruit. They all feed each other. There is a natural agreement: A consciousness. In the solar system, all the nine planets are rotating within one certain agreement. If the moon suddenly says, “I don’t want to rotate like this, I want to rotate in another way,” or if the planet says, “I want to increase my speed by twenty kilometers per second; I am tired of rotating the same way, in the same direction…” it wouldn’t work. There is a consciousness behind everything.

For example, take a car. When you put all these parts together it becomes a consciousness, “I do like this, you do like that and you do like this,” and the car moves. If one part refuses to follow that agreement, the car does not function. Now what is your problem? You are not following your natural agreement and that is why you are not functioning; your car is not moving. When you say you want to be part of the higher consciousness, it means you want to take part in that natural agreement.

Three things belong to you: Mind, body and spirit. Your body needs to be part of the agreement with the soil, with the earth. When your body is not taking part in the soil agreement, you are in trouble. Your mind starts to fly, because your body belongs to the soil. That is why we keep on talking about naturalization, ecology and all. We have to take part in the natural agreement. Our body belongs to the soil.

The way the planet is functioning, your body is also functioning. Your body itself is a universe, a system, a little planet. The Mother Earth, the Moon, the Sun – they are all different and unique, and so are you.


Students of the 3 - 12 months Ecology and Spirituality program will benefit from various opportunities to directly expose themselves to the Teachings of Guruji Sri Vast and attend Guruji’s Satsangs and Retreats during their stay.

About Guruji Sri Vast the author of “ecology the divine agreement”:

Guruji Sri Vast is a mystic of our times with a vibrant spiritual realization that draws people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world, into his fold every day. He has come to serve humankind with a direct message of Total Liberation, which necessarily includes an invitation to actively participate in the manifestation of a new ecological era, creating a Sustainable Future for All.


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