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Veerle: If you want to change the world

Veerle: If you want to change the world

If you want to change the world, change the way you look at the world.

I always thought I would change the world by fighting for change, by fighting against the ones in power who had a certain belief system. I did not realize that fighting for change meant that I was letting the same energy flow through me, the energy of wanting to become the one in power according to my own belief system. Seeing others as wrong and thinking I could do it better kept me in this negative energy and was actually keeping me away from the result I wanted to see, which was a more loving world.

What am I focussing on when I see a world that needs to be changed? Do I feel the need to change something when I look at a flower, at the sun, the moon, the animals, the ocean, the mountains or the beach? No, all these things are perfectly beautiful as they are. The world as the Divine has created it is perfect the way it is. So why do I let my energy be involved in wanting to change things instead of focussing on all the things that are beautiful, peaceful and loving on this planet? I realized I can only really change the world I live in by changing the way I experience this world.

Since around 4 months, I have been living together with the beautiful Divinya community in Sweden with whom I’m growing every day to see the beauty in everything and everyone around us.

Instead of asking the world to change, I’m asking myself: If I want to receive love from others, can I love them instead? If I want to see peace in the world, can I give the world my peace instead?

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