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Horses in Divinya

At Divinya we offer ground training, horse riding training and chariot driving training. We have several big meadows, riding halls and paddocks, along with many hectares of wonderful riding paths and forest tracks to go for riding.

Based on the principles of Natural Horsemanship, we create an environment based for the horses’ wellbeing. Our trainings are encouraging and joyfull as we are passionate about horses and their learning. It can help improve one’s self-confidence, awareness and focus and is empowering each individual on their learning path.


Horse Riding Training

At Divinya, we offer horse riding trainings for adults the whole year around. The lessons are suited for all levels, from beginners to more experienced riders. Classes are taking place in our indoor riding halls, on the paddocks, and in the forests.

Chariot Driving Training

At Divinya, we offer chariot driving lessons. Basic introduction on all the variations of driving  and harness use to individually adapted needs. We often create training plans to suit individual needs.

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