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We are announcing

The 6th
International Yoga & Sacred Music Festival





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Join us at Yoga Mela 2020

Book now for your 8-day or 1-day pass. We strongly encourage you to attend the full Yoga Mela festivity, as it is a journey of togetherness and profound transformation.

Highlights from 2019

Please visit our site regularly for great surprises. In 2020 Yoga Mela is a 8-day authentic celebration with over 200 Programs.This year we are bringing many new artists and teachers from all over the world to make the Yoga Mela once more a life transformative experience. Oh come! Let us rejoice in truth, freedom and bliss!



Join us at Yoga Mela 2020

Book now for your 8-day or 1-day pass. We strongly encourage you to attend the full Yoga Mela festivity, as it is a journey of togetherness and profound transformation.

Food & Cafe

Food Festival

Foods & Cafes

Food Festival

A celebration of finest - soul nurturing - tasty - healthy - organic delights

This year Yoga Mela happily adds a healthy, sattvic, organic food festival. It includes rawfood, pizza, South Indian specialties, a juice & smoothy bar, icecreams, pastries, crepes & waffles, and fine cafes.

Ecology and Spirituality

Foods & Cafes

Main Meals

We share the joy of togetherness with delicious food for lunch and dinner, in the shade of trees along Cherry Lane. Main meals are served with a variety of freshly prepared vegetarian and vegan dishes of Indian and Italian cuisines. Breakfast is served in the Divinya Lounge.

Foods & Cafes

Heaven's Cafe

Enjoy an assortment of exquisite flavors of warm beverages, home-baked cakes and pastries – a treat at any time of the day.

Foods & Cafes

Cherry Lane Creperie

Treat yourself to the charming atmosphere of Cherry Lane Creperie. Enjoy watching the preparation of your delicious crepes or waffles.

Foods & Cafes

Gaia's Grace

Recharge your energies at Gaia’s Grace with raw food sweets, salads and a variety of freshly prepared juices. All healthy gifts from nature.

Foods & Cafes

Divinya Lounge

Come together to enjoy joyful togetherness at the Divinya Lounge. Feel at home at the Divinya Lounge where the cozy breakfast is served daily.

Accommodation, Transport & Location

Own Tent


Own Tent

In Divinya you have the possibility to stay in your own tent at designated areas.

safari Tent


Safari Tent

Safari tents accommodate 1 to 3 people. Camp beds with foam mattresses, duvet and cotton bed sheets are provided. Bring your own towel.

shared: 200 Sek per night / person
single: 400 Sek per night

Camper Van


Camper Van

Divinya provides parking for mobile homes. Water and electricity for the vehicles are not provided.

200 Sek per night / vehicle

Luxury Tent


Delux Tent

Delux tents, placed on wooden platforms, have furnishings which include armchairs, a chest of drawers, beds with spring mattresses, duvets, cotton bed sheets and towels.

upon availability

Luxury Tentyoga bus


Free Yoga Bus

Divinya operates a Yoga Bus service for yoga enthusiasts in Skane. The Yoga Bus is a free service for everyone who wants to visit Divinya on Yoga Weekends, Satsangs, Retreats, Concerts and the Yoga Mela Festival.
Busstop Lund: opposite the trainstation on Bangatan at the corner to ICA

Busstop Eslöv: at the train station platform D

Luxury Tent



Divinya is located in Skåne, South Sweden. The nearby train station is Eslöv. International Airport Copenhagen has direct trains to Eslöv (50 minutes).

Address: Divinya, Farstorp, 24192 Eslöv.

GPS Coordinates: 55.910563224813224N, 13.241357061774352E

Map to reach Yoga Mela

Sharing their experiences


This is the perfect place to get lost and discover a better version of yourself. Having the opportunity to live in the community, feeling one of them from the first minute, its one of the best experiences I had in many years. I was supposed to be there and help prepare for the incoming festival, so I was expecting tons of work, and I really get what I was waiting for. But the physical work it’s just a tinny part of the experience…
I am really grateful for all the teachings that we received, and the acceptance of all the community. I highly recommend Divinya to everyone.


I can’t express how much I enjoyed my experience here. I was fortunate to volunteer during the festival and it was amazing. The place is breathtaking, the food is delicious, the teachings are invaluable, but the best thing above all is the people; the people who live here and the people who visit made it the best experience of them all. I would highly recommend it to anyone drawn to the description of what this place is.


There is a special place in my heart where I treasure the experience I had to live in Divinya.I stayed 1 month, truly a time of growth and connecting heart to heart to people, getting to know more about my inner self and learning to surrender to life. This is a place where I will go back again and again, so powerful and enriching it was to live with full acceptance and unconditional love!
Thank you million times! Grateful forever!


Thank you all for your openness, kindness and showing how life can be in a community! I met so many beautiful people and had meaningful and inspiring conversations. I felt that this is a life changing place.


The most generous festival in all of Europe


So thankful for all your work and the love you shared with us! A beautiful and deeply balancing festival. Some of the best days in my life. See you next year! With love and peace


I’m so grateful for and in love with this lovely place, great energy, amazing events and beautiful souls. Every single time I’ve been here has been so uplifting, especially this year! I really look forward to the upcoming festivals


“I was attending a festival, it was an experience of a lifetime. So many kind people to meet, and experiences to gain. If you are open to the flow of life, and letting go of old ideas, this place is really something unique.”

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