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Yogic Life


Living In Bhakti

A 1-month living experience of Yoga

‘Yogic Life’ in Divinya offers the unique opportunity to make a profound living experience among the yogic Sangha of Divinya. For so many people there is a growing understanding that Yoga is much more than just a mere asana practice. ‘Yogic Life’ answers the thirst for people who have the wish to understand Yoga at a deeper level and imbibe it into their everyday living. It is an opportunity to explore what it means to live a yogic life – a life in harmony with oneself, each other and nature.

The Path of the Yogi

Harvesting in the Farm

Yoga in Divinya is not understood as some exotic practice but as a way of life. Divinya’s yogic Sangha thrives to integrate Yoga in all thoughts, words and actions, making it into a lived reality of every moment.

The beauty of joining the Sangha for a ‘Yogic Life’ experience is that it helps one to understand the essence of Yoga and to dissolve one’s need for performing and becoming. This dissolving of oneself brings union with life – that is the path of Yoga.

In Divinya, we recognize Yoga first and foremost as a spiritual path in rediscovering our true Self. Therefore, ‘Yogic Life’ is ultimately about igniting a journey of self-transformation. Participants have the chance to inquire deeply into the questions ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is the meaning of life, and how can I bring union between me and this life?’ This union is called Yoga. We ask ourselves, ‘Is it about becoming ‘somebody’ and performing better in life, or is it about dissolving the performer?’

Living with a Yogic Sangha

‘Yogic Life’ takes place in Divinya – home of a yogic Sangha and a sanctuary of contemplation, awareness and personal transformation.

Participants receive the unique opportunity to directly experience a reference to a yogic way of life in practice by living with the Sangha for one month. Participants will live and serve alongside like-minded spiritual seekers. During their stay in Divinya, Yogic Life participants are exposed to a complete yogic environment and actively take part in all areas of the community life, including morning meditations, yoga classes, devotional gatherings, sacred music, karma yoga (selfless service), study circles, Satsang and much more. During Karma Yoga, participants join in all the different community projects and engagements, such as organic farming, ecological building and maintaining the center.

Inner Yoga

Divinya’s Sangha

The Sangha of Divinya is a non-religious and non-dogmatic community, dedicated to creating a living experience of union, harmony and peace. The community is active and self-motivated on the path of self-realization, joyfully committed to living the essence of yoga in their daily life. Many Sangha members have been on the yogic path for several decades and have deeply imbibed the yogic values in their way of being. The community is inspired by the Liberation Teachings of the enlightened Master Guruji Sri Vast. ‘Yogic Life’ participants have the rare opportunity to attend regular Satsang (Teachings) with the living Master.

“The goal of spirituality is the state of ‘non-practicing – just living’. 
In that 'just living' nothing exists separately as spirituality, because that in itself is spiritual. 
We pray for 30 minutes, we do Yoga for 30 minutes or we chant or meditate for 30 minutes.
But what about the rest of the time?
We have to learn living meditation. Meditation is not a separate practice but a way of being. 
My way of being needs to be meditative. The way I talk with you must be prayer. The way I sing is chanting the glory of life. The way I walk needs to be dancing. The way I sleep needs to be creative. Life is complete. Life is beautiful. Take this one great opportunity – in this human body, in this beautiful planet, in this way – as a great possibility to liberate yourself.”

Guruji Sri Vast

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Participants are fully integrated in the community life, joining all the daily activities and communal projects. The daily program includes early Morning Meditations, Yoga classes, eating together, devotional gatherings, singing, silent gatherings for self-inquiry and reflection, nature walks, and much more. In the afternoons, participants join the karma yoga (yoga of action), where they are practically engaged along with the community, in the permaculture garden, nature conservation and maintenance of the premises.



One of my key learnings and reflections within the Divinya experience was: If I want to receive love from others. Can I love them instead? If I want to see peace in the world. Can I give the world my peace instead?

Veerle, the Netherlands


I had dreamed for so long of living in a community and having company on my spiritual path. I am deeply grateful to have found that in Divinya. It’s extreme luck – or maybe good karma – to have found an environment of so much love, light and spiritual thirst....

Lena, Germany


If you wish to master your inner experience and being uplifted by a wonderful place and group of people, this is the place for you. Stay open and humble while tasting this new experience as it is tailored accurately for your inner growth and Self-discovery. 

Matteo, Italy

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