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YOGA MELA – 1 month Festival volunteering

starting June 12 – July 10, 2021

We warmly welcome you to our Yoga Mela Festival Volunteer Program. It is for all those interested in being co-creators of Yoga Mela. Volunteers may start the one-month program for a minimum of 2 weeks before the festival. Many of our volunteers return year after year to participate in this joyful Seva experience, in union with the Divinya community. There are many possibilities in which volunteers can engage – before, during and after the festival. Our volunteers are part of our community team and we all enjoy and partake in the festival celebration, which starts a few weeks before the actual Yoga Mela. During the festival, the volunteers have apart from their duties, also the possibility to attend the programs such as concerts, yoga sessions and workshops as part of their engagements. Food and tent accommodation are provided to all volunteers.

Contact us at
[email protected]

Areas of engagement:

Collectively, we keep Divinya as a space of living meditation and maintain the flow and function of the celebration. Many opportunities are available. You have the possibility to pick your preferred working area when you fill out the application form. We will certainly try to match our practical needs with your experience, energy and passion. We appreciate that all volunteers will have the motivation to engage whatever is needed at any moment.

A few highlights in the volunteering activities
Apart from regular support in the kitchen, dining area and maintenance of the common spaces, we have some special areas of engagement. If volunteers feel drawn to these areas and bring some experience and skills along, please let us know in advance. It will help us to make the best out of your Yoga Mela contribution.

Children Festival
Highly appreciated and longed for by the youngsters is the Children Festival at Yoga Mela. We offer a natural playground where children meet and enjoy various activities and the possibility to just be a child. Some of the artists sometimes spontaneously offer their time with the kids – creating magical and memorable moments for all ages. The volunteers take turns in facilitating the children festival during regular classes and workshops and are encouraged to share their joy and creativity.

Construction and Site Preparation
The weeks before Yoga Mela will be highly engaged in setting up and in the preparation of the different venues of the Festival. Also, the accommodation tents will be prepared. Handyman, electrical, plumbing and carpentry skills are appreciated before, during and after Yoga Mela.

Food Venues
People gifted with a calm and friendly approach are welcome in the different food venues. Serving customers at the till, preparing warm beverages and juices, maintaining the cleanliness of the space are important components in these areas.

Beautifying and decorating the venues and public spaces of Divinya before and during Yoga Mela.

Info Tent
Welcoming and registering participants. Providing information when needed.

Media Team
Taking photos/videos and editing (to be used later for promotion purposes). Only people with experience will be considered.

Sound & Light
Joining the team of sound and light engineers with the responsibility that all the sound and light equipment functions every venues. Assisting the workshop leaders and musicians with their technical needs. Only people with experience will be considered.

Contact us at
[email protected]