Samhey, RU, IN

The band SAMHEY has been developing the concept of ethno-fusion. A blend of Indian music culture, Russian folk tunes and Western European sound. The combination of instruments is very unique. It consists of sitar, Indian tabla drums, violin, flute, Russian harp and guitar.
Samhey ft. Bittu Mallick (IN)
Bittu Mallick is an Indian musician originating from Vrindavan. He descends from 13 generations of musicians and performers of classical Indian music (Dhrupad, Khyal, Bhajan,Mantras,Gazal etc.) In the last 10 years, Bittu has travelled all over the world with the SAMHEY project.
Denis Kucherov (RU)
Denis Kucherov is an Indian traditional music performer in Russia and eastern Europe. He started learning classical western music at the age of 8 and tabla at the age of 14. After 4 years at the JNCC cultural center in Moscow, he was invited to India to extend his skills. Denis has recorded several albums. He is the creator of the fusion band SAMHEY.
Nastya Saravasti (RU)
Nastya Saraswati hails from St. Petersburg, Russia. She moved to Bangalore to learn Indian music and fell in love with singing Bhajans. As a member of SAMHEY, she contributes with her violin, flute and vocals.