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Yoga Acharya
Teacher Training



Scheduled for 2022. Date will be announced soon.

An authentic Yoga Education for the contemporary Yogi

The Yoga Acharya program is a unique training, exploring Yoga in its complete and holistic scope – rediscovering the ancient yogic wisdom as a way of living in today’s world. Yoga, as a spiritual path is directly applied and experienced within the yogic community of Divinya. What makes learning Yoga at Divinya so exceptional is that it is not about practicing Yoga, but a way of living for the contemporary human! It is a great opportunity to experience how a Yogic life can be lived in an authentic and profound way without any religion or dogma.


The training delivers not only the necessary skills to become a knowledgeable Hatha Yoga and Inner Yoga Teacher, but also the comprehensive curriculum promotes physical, mental and spiritual health, and guides one towards inner peace and harmony. Ultimately, the Yoga Acharya program provides a strong foundation for personal transformation towards a better understanding of one’s role within the vast web of life.

The way Yoga is understood, lived and taught at Divinya, is very unique:​

Single person doing inner yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy The course encompasses the history and philosophy of Yoga, including the various traditions, from its origins up till today. During the course, participants will understand Yoga at a much deeper level and inquire into the question ‘What is Yoga actually about?’ In Divinya, Yoga is understood as a way of life and a state of being; not something to be practiced for one hour a day on a mat, but that pervades each moment, and shapes how we approach ourselves and the world.

  • Yoga Training Participants learn to teach Hatha Yoga, Inner Yoga and several meditation and breathing techniques. The students will be equipped with a high level of authentic knowledge and practice, providing life-enhancing experiences. Divinya provides such a rare learning setting since the students learn in a non-commercial environment and from teachers who have been living for decades Yoga as a way of life.

  • Inner Yoga Inner Yoga – Yoga of the Cosmic Being – is an evolutionary step in the field of Yoga. It encompasses the original root of all Yogic science, teaching about the human body movements through the expressions of nature. The powerful and profound technique helps to transform one’s cell memory and to liberate one from old imprints. It is a key to un-structure the domesticated body and mind and enter into natural movements and thinking, allowing the individual to explore this life through a new perspective.

  • ​A Yogic Community The training is conducted within the dedicated spiritual community of Divinya, which is living the essence of Yoga in their daily life. The community is a highly active and self-motivated group of people on the path of self-realization. Participants of the Yoga Acharya course have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to live with the community for three months and to directly experience what it means to live a yogic life – a life in harmony with oneself, each other and nature.
    The students are exposed to a full Yogic environment with singing, chanting, devotion, Teachings and nature experiences.

  • Inspiration The community is inspired by the Teachings of the enlightened Master Guruji Sri Vast from South India. Participants of the Yoga Acharya have the rare opportunity to attend regular Satsangs (Teachings).

Self-Transformation through the path of Yoga

In Divinya, we recognize Yoga first and foremost as a spiritual path to rediscover our true Self. Therefore, the Yoga Acharya program is ultimately about igniting a journey of self-transformation. Throughout the course we will deeply inquire into the questions ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is the meaning of life, and how can I bring union between me and this life?’ This union is called Yoga. We will ask ourselves, ‘Is it about becoming ‘somebody’ and performing better in life, or is it about dissolving the performer?’ The beauty of doing a Yoga Teacher Training in Divinya is that it helps one to understand the real core of Yoga and to dissolve one’s need for performing and becoming. This dissolving of oneself brings union with life – that is the path of yoga.

People serving at Angel Path

The course is conducted at Divinya – the home of a yogic Sangha and a sanctuary of contemplation, awareness and personal transformation. Participants of the Yoga Acharya program will not only be equipped with a profound, authentic Yoga knowledge – theoretically, practically and philosophically – but above all, they will get a taste of living in a Yogic sangha, which is non-religious and non-dogmatic. They receive the opportunity to experience a reference of a Yogic way of life in practice. The course participants serve alongside like-minded spiritual seekers. During Karma Yoga participants join in all the different community projects and engagements, such as organic farming, ecological building and maintaining the center.

Group circle study

Daily Schedule*

4:30  Morning Meditation
5:00  Light Breakfast
6:00-7:00  Yoga Session
7:30-10:00  Theoretical / Practical Classes
10:00  Lunch
11:00  Karma Yoga
16:00  Dinner
18:00  Evening Program (including Yoga philosophy, study circles, singing, silent gatherings for self-inquiry, documentaries, nature walks, and more)

*Spontanious changes of the schedule can take place.


“When I hear Yoga,
I do not see a person standing upside down.
I do not see a person
who is demonstrating some postures.
No. I see Life. I see a person who is free.
I see a person who is naturally happy,
who is not doing anything extra to be happy.”

Guruji Sri Vast

Seva in the farm

The Yoga Acharya Curriculum

Divinya’s Yoga Acharya program gives a holistic perspective of all the different aspects of a yogic life. Although Asana practice is often the most well-known aspect of Yoga, it is considered to be only one small part of the tradition of Yoga. The Yoga Acharya covers the four basic paths of Yoga – Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga – not only in theory, but by practically putting them into daily life. Raja Yoga is the path of self-discipline, where Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and the ethics and morals of life lead one to awareness and harmony of body and mind. 

Karma Yoga is the practice of action by participating in all life activities, without expecting any rewards. Karma Yoga is a beautiful way to enter into meditation during every action. Jnana Yoga is the path of wisdom. Knowing oneself and knowing one’s purpose in life gives clarity to one’s actions. Bhakti Yoga is the path of devotion. Devotion invokes the surrender of the ego and a deep sense of gratitude for life. It helps one to understand how to approach and respond to every situation in a sattvic way, and to bring union into every thought, every word and every action.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (2 months)


The first two months of the Yoga Acharya include a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course. The training will guide you systematically through physical practices and give you a solid foundation to teach Asana classes professionally for beginners and intermediate practitioners.

Inner yoga


  • History of Yoga and lineages of Yoga until today

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Series of Jattis (warm up excercises) and Asanas (body postures)

  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

  • Various Pranayamas (breath control exercises)

  • Relaxation and Meditation techniques

  • Mudras (symbolic gestures)

  • Bhandas (locking and redirecting energy flow)

  • Kriyas (cleansing techniques)

  • Chanting (rhythmical repetition of a song, prayer, word or sound)

Hatha Yoga traditionally refers to a persistent practice of physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation, all of which are integrated with one another, designed to purify the body in preparation for higher states of consciousness. To understand the deeper dimension of Hatha Yoga it is important to see it in its relation to Yoga as a philosophical system and spiritual practice that was developed over 4,000 years ago to gain self-realization. “Yoga” means “union” of the body, mind and spirit. In the Yoga Acharya course you will learn about the eight limbs of Yoga, described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, which present Yoga as a path to lead a meaningful life, experiencing inner and outer balance and harmony.

Inner Yoga Teacher Training (1 month)


​The last month of the Yoga Acharya includes the Inner Yoga Teacher Training course. With the prerequisite of a completed Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, this training can also be attended separately. The participants learn the philosophy of Inner Yoga, a series of natural body movements, several pranayama exercises, stretching exercises, and practices to expand one’s sensing capacity. Participants learn the components to design and conduct an Inner Yoga classes.


  • Relearning the origin of natural body movements

  • Pranyamas, which cleanse and stimulate the natural energy flows in the body

  • Practices to regain the body’s natural sensing capacity

  • Nature connecting meditations

  • Stretching exercises, aiming for an unstructured body, which can lead to an expanded mind

  • Techniques to release stagnancy and blockages in the body

  • Multidimensional experiences, rediscovering life on this planet beyond the human perspective

  • Inner Yoga, conceived by Guruji Sri Vast, is a technique that reveals the natural state of being. Inner Yoga liberates the body, mind, and senses from inherent, deep-rooted imprints. Inner Yoga is a key to learn from nature, to enter into the unknown and to explore the dormant wisdom within. Inner Yoga reveals one’s inner beauty and grace. It works at various subtle layers of the body, including the chakras, elements and to attain cosmic attunement. It is a self-healing technique which awakens the inherent intelligence in the body, allowing natural healing to take place. Inner Yoga practice helps to achieve balance in the body and mind so that one can experience the pure human nature.

Group of people doing inner yoga outside
Group of people doing inner yoga outside

Benefits of Inner Yoga

  • A natural life rhythm

  • An expanded life-experience beyond oneself

  • Cleansing of the cell memory

  • Nourishment of the subtle body

  • Natural alignment with cosmic movements

  • An inner calmness, a profound joy and a holistic well-being

  • A positive approach and a gratitude towards life

  • A discovery of the multidimensional experience of life beyond the human layer.

Experience the Yogic way of living in all its aspects.

We welcome you to explore and co-create a practical, spiritual life – a life in devotion, gratitude and beauty.
Come and witness the change within yourself through this 3-month intensive learning program

Additional Information



The menu at Dhyana Retreats is aligned with the philosophy of seeking a harmonious living with nature. 3 vegan-vegetarian meals are served per day and a café is open for snacks and refreshments during the day. The changing seasons influence the Indian European fusion cuisine and ingredients are sourced from ecological producers as much as possible. The food is meant to nurture the body with a healthy, balanced and delicious diet, and nourishes all the senses.

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