“Let us shape the New Paradigm with our highest dreams, Let us create a world where love, care and share are the core of every thought, of every word, of every act. Let life be experienced as a borderless flow of joy, in compassion with all living beings, including yourself.”

Welcome to Divinya – a natural sanctuary of innovative learning, open for people who wish to explore the true potential of life. Divinya serves as a meeting point for visionaries in the quest of a new ecological paradigm by offering education, festivals and seminars in the field of Ecology, Meditation and Inner Growth. Divinya provides a contemplative living and learning atmosphere inviting one to rediscover Life on Earth.

Divinya programs are tuned for grown ups and children, inspiring towards a healthy, joyful, meditative and harmonious lifestyle. Divinya is driven by an active living and learning yoga community. Welcome to be part of the Dream.