Divinya – an inspiration for a new humanity

A dream

“A New World needs new inspiration, a new culture, a new food, a new beauty, a new music and a new art. A new world which is free from the past, free from religious dogmatism, free from discriminative cultures and traditions.

A New World which brings new light into our heart. A world where we all can live in the grace of divine beauty. A world where we all can live in harmony between men and women, between human and nature.

A world where God is not a myth but a reality of every moment, where God is not worshiped but practiced between us, a raceless society. A dream for dreamers, a divine poetry – ‘The Divine Age’.”

Divinya is the initiative towards the manifestation of the Divine Age – an enlightened Era. It is a place where people come together to create a new expression in art, music, architecture and a new reference for ecologically sustainable, spiritual living in all aspects of life.

Everyone wishes for a better world, a world of beauty, peace, love and freedom. But no one knows when this will happen or who will create it. Unless a group of people start to live and create, it will be a utopia forever.

Divinya is an initiative dedicated to creating a new expression of life, where beauty, love, peace and freedom are not in the future but in our present reality. Unless a living experience is created, every inspiration is just an idea. Only collectively lived experiences become consciousness.

We at Divinya – Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, welcome everyone to take part in this beautiful dream – a dream for an ecologically sustainable enlightened Era, ‘The Divine Age’.