Permaculture Design


  • Learn intensive permaculture design and horticultural techniques to garden from seed to seed in most ecosystems and climates.
  • Participate in the collective design and planting of a 1 hectar permaculture garden.

Permaculture Design is a beautiful tool to deepen and develop your participation in the ecosystem (Nature). Permaculture techniques are a foundation for understanding the gifts nature provides freely to sustain us. cultivate This 2-week residential course of Permaculture Design approach to gardening combines with the values of the Divinya living and learning community. This Summer School course will include an introduction to permaculture theory balanced with practical, hands-on gardening techniques and experiences.

This course is suitable for the ones who

  • Wish to learn how to sustainably grow organic food using agroforestry and polyculture techniques
  • Seek to practically deepen their understanding of and work with the regenerative systems, cycles and influences in nature
  • Want to collectively design and realise an ecological garden


During this Summer School you will learn

  • To design sustainable gardens and polycultures according to site analysis and permaculture principles
  • To grow plants from seeding to harvesting to seed saving and everything in between
  • To regenerate soils and use the natural resources on a site including water, wind and sun
  • To plan and plant a garden and greenhouse for seasonal harvests throughout the year according to your needs

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Design, prepare and plant a regenerative and polyculture garden from its beginning Identify the natural resources available in nature and direct them in your garden design
  • Identify and calculate vegetable and fruit requirements and produce enough to feed your community throughout the year
  • Produce most varieties of vegetables, bushes and trees from seed or vegetative multiplication
  • Produce high quality compost and regenerative soil systems

This course is certified with a Permaculture Design Certification from the Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, Sweden


The Permaculture Design Course is conducted by:

Caroline Levesque, CA

Caroline Levesque lives in Canada where she is a member of a permaculture cooperative that provides permaculture design and landscaping services, education and organic produce to the local community. She is also an organic certification inspector. Caroline, who is in this field for more than 12 years, has co-created and monitored various organic farms in Canada. Caroline brings a practical, inclusive, and participatory approach to gardening and believes everyone is a gardener at heart. Caroline is a devoted Vastian since 2008 and seeks to express the Vastian ideals in everything she does.


Each day includes theory and practical experiences, with 2 blocks of class time, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, 6 days a week. There will also be time to collectively participate in the Divinya community and its program including concerts, yoga, meditation, Satsang, nature walks, gardening etc. Saturday/Sunday we have Yoga Weekends. The Summer School course includes those weekend programs without extra charge.


The course starts July 8 with a morning class and ends on July 21 in the afternoon. Students can arrive the day before and leave in the morning after the course ends.


The course is residential. We offer shared accommodation (same gender) besides the free tenting option. If students wish to extend their stay before or after the course, please inform us in advance.¬


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Accommodation, Transport & Location

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Own Tent

In Divinya you have the possibility to stay in your own tent at designated areas.

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Safari Tent

Safari tents accommodate 1 to 3 people. Camp beds with foam mattresses, duvet and cotton bed sheets are provided. Bring your own towel.

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Delux tents, placed on wooden platforms, have furnishings which include armchairs, a chest of drawers, beds with spring mattresses, duvets, cotton bed sheets and towels.

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Divinya is located in Skåne, South Sweden. The nearby train station is Eslöv. International Airport Copenhagen has direct trains to Eslöv (50 minutes).

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