Hatha Yoga

A Teacher Training part 1

For a balanced body and mind

The Hatha Yoga Training presents the ancient yogic science as a tool to bring awareness into the body and to integrate yogic practices into the modern everyday life.

The Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Part 1 introduces you to the theoretical and practical side of the art of yoga. Learning the philosophy of four main limbs of Yoga – Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bakthi Yoga – will give you a greater understanding of the root of Yoga and how that can bring transformation into your life. Through various sets of Asanas, meditation techniques, Pranayama practices and Surya Namaskar you can enhance the flexibility of the body and mind, bringing calmness and clear focus into the everyday life experience.


This course is suitable for the ones who:

  • Want to develop a flexible, healthy and harmonized body and mind
  • Are interested in learning more about the roots of yoga
  • Wish to include yoga practices into their everyday living
  • Want to study towards becoming a Hatha Yoga Teacher

During the Summer School you will:

  • learn Yoga asanas, surya namaskar, pranayama and kriyas
  • learn the philosophy of yoga and its four limbs – Raja Yoga (Hatha yoga), Karma Yoga (Seva), Jnana Yoga (Wisdom) and Bakthi Yoga (Devotion)
  • Participate in daily Hatha Yoga classes with yoga asanas (Posturs) and pranayama (breathing excercises)
  • Study the science of yoga within a life-affirming and yogic atmosphere

After completing this course you will

  • Witness the physical and psychological change within yourself
  • Gain a calmer and more energized body
  • Experience a more harmonious life with yourself and your surroundings
  • Have a wider perspective and a holistic understanding of yoga and of life itself

This two-week course is counted as the first part of the four-week certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours) offered in August 2019.

The Hatha Yoga  Training and the 4-week Teacher Training are certified from the Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, Sweden.


Each day includes theory and practical experiences, with 2 blocks of class time, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, 6 days a week. There will also be time to collectively participate in the Divinya community and its program including concerts, yoga, meditation, Satsang, nature walks, gardening etc. Saturday/Sunday we have Yoga Weekends. The Summer School course includes those weekend programs without extra charge.


The course starts on the first day with a morning class and ends on last day in the afternoon. Students can arrive the day before and leave in the morning after the course ends.


The course is residential. We offer shared accommodation (same gender) besides the free tenting option. If students wish to extend their stay before or after the course, please inform us in advance.¬