Bird Watching

Nature in its purity and intimacy

Divinya is home for many native species of birds. Being on one of the most important migratory paths in South Sweden, the lakes and open fields of the property welcome each spring and autumn a large diversity of migrating birds from around the world.

Divinya’s landscape of fields, meadows, forests, lake and river, provides an ideal environment for biodiversity, which includes a wide variety of song birds and birds of prey. The wetlands are an ideal natural observatory, where one can learn to patiently experience the beauty of nature without disturbing any of its species. The lake is like a jewel in the middle of the wild-kept forest, and its abundance of fish attract the grey heron. It is also a protected breeding area for many birds such as swans, geese and ducks.


The bird watching course is a chance to experience wildlife closely, giving totally new perspective and appreciation of nature.


Each day includes theory and practical experiences, with 2 blocks of class time, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, 6 days a week. There will also be time to collectively participate in the Divinya community and its program including concerts, yoga, meditation, Satsang, nature walks, gardening etc. Saturday/Sunday we have Yoga Weekends. The Summer School course includes those weekend programs without extra charge.


The course starts on the first day with a morning class and ends on last day in the afternoon. Students can arrive the day before and leave in the morning after the course ends.


The course is residential. We offer shared accommodation (same gender) besides the free tenting option. If students wish to extend their stay before or after the course, please inform us in advance.¬