Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultancy

Ayurveda-EcologySpirituality-Education-Center-for-Evolutionary-Consciousness-Seden Ayurveda – the Science of Life – is a holistic approach towards body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda recognizes each person as whole and encourages individuals to actively participate in creating their own wellbeing. This holistic healing knowledge, rooted in the Indian Vedic science, is a stimulating learning ground for people seeking complementary and alternative health-care and a holistic organic lifestyle. Divinya offers an experiential Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultancy training. This course serves your personal sense of well-being and offers you a range of skills. The curriculum, with theoretical and practical classes, emphasizes the restoration of our natural state of balance. Topics focus on Ayurvedic diets, exploring and learning about the Doshas (constitution), Healing Techniques and an introduction to pulse diagnosis. Vatta-PittaThe course is conducted by experienced Ayurvedic doctors from India. Participants will learn profound teachings and how to use their knowledge in the current society and also share it with others. This course is certified with an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultancy Certification from the Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, Sweden.


This course is suitable for the ones who wish to:

  • Actively participate in creating their own wellbeing.
  • Learn about a healthy and balanced body rather than seeking the cure for
  • illness or problems
  • Learn more on complementary and alternative health-care and organic lifestyle

During the Summer School you will be able to:

  • Ayurvedic science with theoretical and practical classes
  • How to restore one’s natural state of balance
  • About diets, daily routines including Yoga practices
  • The medicinal use of some herbs and foods
  • About natural cleansing procedures and healing techniques

After completing this course you learned the principles to:

  • Diagnose and give lifestyle guidance for longevity, vitality & health
  • Cook according to Ayurvedic Knowledge
  • Apply stress-management and healing techniques to yourself and clients
  • Work one-on-one with clients to develop uniquely designed health programs


Each day includes theory and practical experiences, with 2 blocks of class time, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, 6 days a week. There will also be time to collectively participate in the Divinya community and its program including concerts, yoga, meditation, Satsang, nature walks, gardening etc. Saturday/Sunday we have Yoga Weekends. The Summer School course includes those weekend programs without extra charge.


The course starts on the first day with a morning class and ends on last day in the afternoon. Students can arrive the day before and leave in the morning after the course ends.


The course is residential. We offer shared accommodation (same gender) besides the free tenting option. If students wish to extend their stay before or after the course, please inform us in advance.¬