Silent Retreat
with Guruji Sri Vast

Satyam Sivam Sundaram

Truth – Godliness – Beauty

We welcome you to a 5-day silent retreat, inviting you to enter into the deepest sacred space within you, to explore the revival of your senses and to sense this life beyond your own limitations. Guruji Sri Vast shares a profound spiritual path of self-realization to enter into the world of a pervasive, infinite self. The retreat in the graceful presence of the Master is an eye-opener to discover one’s purpose in this life and realize one’s highest spiritual potential. Guruji’s Teachings bring peace, love and bliss into everyday life. It stimulates freedom from one’s past imprints, conditions and boundaries and ignites total liberation. To live, reflect and meditate in the Guru’s presence can make a big difference in the experience of a seeker.

“You can dream that
one day a new human will be born,
one day all the problems will be solved.
Or you can be reborn yourself,
as a new human,
and enter into that new consciousness
where beauty, love and sacredness
are the core of the life.”

Guruji Sri Vast

Guruji Sri Vast

Guruji Sri Vast is a Living Master, mystic and poet – full of authentic joy, love, grace & a flow of natural wisdom, teaching the celebration of Life as a way to total liberation. Guruji’s Teachings bring freedom, love and bliss into everyday life. It ignites self-transformation of one’s past imprints, conditions and boundaries. Attaining one’s natural state – the realized one – is the core of Guruji’s Teachings.

The experience of living in the presence of the Master evokes individuals to transform their life and free from their karmic cycle. The Master’s presence supports in healing and in exploring a newness in life.


The silent retreat in the graceful presence of the Master includes daily Satsang, where everyone is welcome to ask questions arising along their spiritual path. The daily program includes Satsang, joyful, devotional togetherness, meditation, chanting, yoga, spiritual sadhanas and time for self-inquiry and contemplation.

Collective Silence is a beautiful gift during this retreat, allowing oneself to enter into one’s own transformative process. Slowly, one can hear their inner core and their inner beauty comes to the surface.

Location Divinya

Divinya is an inspirational, transformative and peaceful haven for spiritual seekers. The natural, serene and beautiful environment serves as an ideal hermitage for a contemporary seeker – a space to explore ‘who am I?’

Divinya – Center for Evolutionary Consciousness – Sweden is conducting spiritual retreats, regular Satsang, cosmic events and education in the field of Yoga, Meditation and Inner Growth throughout the year.

The Center is located in South Sweden, near Lund.
The International Airport Copenhagen in Denmark is 50 minutes by train from Divinya.


Divinya offers comfortable accommodations in deluxe tents during the summer month, designed to support your program experience without the distraction of television, internet and social media. We offer a range of accommodation that enables all people to participate in our programs. The tents are fully furnished with bed and beddings.


24192 Eslöv
South Sweden

Phone:+46 70828 74 82

Accommodation, Transport & Location

Own Tent


Own Tent

In Divinya you have the possibility to stay in your own tent at designated areas.

safari Tent


Safari Tent

Safari tents accommodate 1 to 3 people. Camp beds with foam mattresses, duvet and cotton bed sheets are provided. Bring your own towel.

Luxury Tent


Delux Tent

Delux tents, placed on wooden platforms, have furnishings which include armchairs, a chest of drawers, beds with spring mattresses, duvets, cotton bed sheets and towels.

upon availability

Luxury Tent



Divinya is located in Skåne, South Sweden. The nearby train station is Eslöv. International Airport Copenhagen has direct trains to Eslöv (50 minutes).

Address: Divinya, Farstorp, 24192 Eslöv.

GPS Coordinates: 55.910563224813224N, 13.241357061774352E