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A great opportunity for a new beginning

A deep longing for a new beginning

A new year has started and lies fresh and newborn ahead of us. What will it bring? Particularly last year, due to the pandemic, there was a lot of turbulence in the collective energy field, a lot of fear, uncertainty, doubt and desperation. Now is the time to transcend these experiences, so that we can go further. In Divinya we have been reflecting upon the experiences we went through during the past year and what we learned from it. We asked ourselves: What do we like to continue and what do we want to let go of? What kind of change are we deeply longing for ourselves and for humanity?

A great cosmic shift

The enlightened Master Guruji Sri Vast, the source of Divinya’s inspiration, has been pointing out that there is a great cosmic shift taking place at the moment and that we are moving from a rather defined, goal oriented and self-centered era towards a new space which is more open, more inclusive and more collective-oriented. This cosmic shift can support us to evolve further and to expand ourselves. In Divinya we see this as a great opportunity not only for us, but for the whole humanity for a new beginning. 2021 is inviting us to open our hearts and to see things beyond our own boundaries. That means including more people into our lives than only a small circle of family and friends. We want to share our love with everyone who happens to be in front of us. And we want to go even further, beyond our human boundary, including all life and all beings in our love and care.

A new Era

We believe that when we move collectively in this direction, we will discover the New Humanity. In Divinya, tuned in with the Master’s approach to life, we don’t want to wait for this change to happen some day in the distant future. We wish that the change we want to see in the world starts with us. When we wish to see more love in the world, it means that we want to express our love towards one another – here and now. When we wish to see more peace in the world, it means that we want to bring peace into our hearts and radiate it – here and now. When we want to see more beauty in the world, then we create beauty around us. We don’t want to be busy in thinking about how wrong the world is, we want to be busy in creating the world we want to live in. Through our thoughts, words and actions and the way we experience this life, we are creating a new beginning.

It is time to dream for a whole new world for everyone. And we welcome everyone, no matter where you are, to take part in this beautiful dream and to enter together into a new era for humanity – an ecologically sustainable, enlightened Era – ‘The Divine Age’.

The Divinya community wishes you a happy and peaceful new year filled with beauty, joy and freedom and that it may be a truly new beginning for all of us, united in the dream for a new world.


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