How does Inner Yoga relate to a spiritual path?

Yoga is union

It is a way of living in the eco-system with the human body. Yoga is not a practice, yoga is a life. The need for a spiritual path arises due to the thirst for total liberation. This total liberation is not mental, it is physical. So naturally, one needs to prepare the body, to reunite with life. Yoga becomes a very important role in that process. The Inner Yoga brings total liberation, the union of the human body to the cosmic realm. That way it becomes a spiritual path, rather than just a practice.

The naturalization process

Inner Yoga is a technique to experience the natural state of being, beyond the human perception. It is a naturalization process revealing our uniqueness and helping us to practically enter into an awakened state. Inner Yoga guides you to realize your Natural State of Being. The more and more you come closer to your Self, the more you come closer to your Natural State, something happens between you and nature. When you walk in the forest, something happens between you and the tree. You are able to sense it, be part of it. You become part of this wholeness.

The senses

We have senses, but we are not sensing. Inner Yoga opens up your senses, so that you can sense the Life. You can sense what is going on at this moment. There is a connection between you and this moment, naturally, without any knowledge or information. We sense, not through our senses, but we sense though the information we have, through the idea of what we have about things.

Inner Yoga stimulates to open up your senses, to sense life beyond any ideas. You become a child again. We are all individuals. To understand your individual uniqueness, you have to allow yourself to be individual.

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