Ecology and Spirituality

A transformative learning process

April 2 – Oct 10, 2019

The Ecology and Spirituality course offers you practical tools for personal transformation. It provides profound practical wisdom in the aim to strengthen the deeper dimension in your relationship with Earth and with yourself. It is a living and learning process where ecology and practical spirituality are integrated into a holistic understanding of life on this planet. The course brings us beyond our human centric perception, pointing to our individual role in the web of life and its vast intelligence, where all beings are equally included as part of our life.


This is a residential course at Divinya – Center for Evolutionary Consciousness. The course curriculum includes modules equipping the participants with skills in permaculture, yoga and meditation, self-sustainability, transformative cosmology, creative expressions and community living.


Ecology and Spirituality (6 months)
Permaculture Design Course (1 month)
Yoga Teacher Training (1 month)

Divinya Center for Evolutionary Consciousness provides a living and learning atmosphere, where students have the chance to participate in the co-creation of community life. Through the practical living experience, study circles and various courses taught by in-house as well as visiting teachers, students gain insightful learning on a wide range of essential topics, such as Life on Earth, Practical Ecology & Sustainability and World View.

This course is suitable for those who:

  • thirst for understanding life on this planet and seek meaning in life
  • are interested in exploring the practical side of spirituality and the spiritual side of ecology
  • are passionate about living in alignment with nature
  • are curious to explore topics of the holistic human interlinked with the planet and the cosmic realm

During the course you will

  • gain life-transforming experiences from the living and learning community and partake in co-creative projects such as the annual Yoga Mela Festival
  • learn how to design and create permaculture gardens from design to harvest, including preserving and cooking with garden produce.
  • learn the philosophy and practice of inner yoga, hatha yoga, ecological building and various horticulture methods supporting you with practical skills for your future
  • nurturing your personal transformation with spiritual gatherings and retreats

After completing this course you will

  • have gained new insights on humanology, the present state of the human society, our possible further directions, and how to take personal part in the shift in consciousness towards a new ecological and divine era.
  • embrace a deeper spiritual connection with nature, self and the sacred
  • have expanded your perception of life, connecting you to your aspirations in life
  • gain knowledge and experience in the fields of yoga, meditation, permaculture, ecological building and other sustainable techniques for your own use and to inspire others

Scholarship available (with application form)


Students will have the opportunity to learn from various community activities, garden- and ecological building projects, participate in spiritual retreats, take part and co-create the Yoga Mela festival and benefit from other courses offered in Divinya.

Timeline includes:

Permaculture Design Course
(April, 4 weeks)

Retreats with Guruji Sri Vast
(in April, July, September)

Co-creating Yoga Mela Festival
(June – July)

Divinya Summer School (July)

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
(August, 4 weeks)