Ecology and Spirituality

The Path of the Sustainable Yogi
a life-affirming, transformative 6-month course

Starting date: beginning of each month
Dec – Feb in India and March onward in Sweden

The Ecology & Spirituality course explores the practical side of spirituality and the spiritual side of ecology. The course brings us beyond our human-centric perception, pointing to our individual role in the web of life. The course aims to rediscover the holistic life of the human, interlinked with the planet and the cosmic realm.

Come and join if you:

  • dream the life of the new paradigm.
  • thirst for understanding life on this planet and seek meaning in life.
  • are interested in creating a new reference of living.
  • are curious to explore the spiritual path towards the highest potential of yourself.

Curriculum includes:

  • Eco-Spirituality
  • Worldview
  • Inner Transformation
  • Transformative Cosmology
  • Inner Yoga Teacher Training
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
  • Ayurveda & Healing
  • Permaculture
  • Community Living
  • Creativity
  • Singing & Chanting

This course provides:

  • new insights on humanology, the present state of the human society, our possible further directions, and how to take a personal part in the shift in consciousness towards a new, ecological and divine era.
  • a deeper spiritual connection with nature and oneself.
  • an expanded perception of life, connecting you to your aspirations in life.
  • knowledge and experience in the fields of yoga, meditation, permaculture, ecological building and other sustainable techniques, for your own use and to inspire others.

The 6-month course offers a rich variety of skill-training which is embedded in the deep understanding of a practical Eco-Spirituality. The aim of the course is personal transformation, finding one’s passion and function in this life and learning skills and wisdom to create the life which one wants to live.


Ecology and Spirituality Course
Permaculture Design Course
Inner Yoga Teacher Training
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training