Ecology & Spirituality

The Path of the Sustainable Yogi

A 1-year living and learning program

Ecology & Spirituality Program

Welcome to Divinya’s unique program Ecology & Spirituality – The path of the sustainable Yogi offering profound learning opportunities for transformative life changes. This program is designed to bring a deeper understanding of life, key answers to the quest of a sustainable future for all and an understanding of how to practically take part in the shift in consciousness towards a new, ecological and divine era. The 1-year program offers a diverse range of transformative education in the fields of inner growth, eco-spirituality, horticulture, permaculture, ecological building, yoga, meditation, sacred music, natural health, eco-psychology, transformative cosmology, and more.

The path of the Sustainable Yogi

The Ecology & Spirituality course goes way beyond learning practical skills. This one-year residential program translates the timeless wisdom of Yoga into daily life expressions – reaching inner and outer harmony and to grow spiritually through Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. The beautiful blend of discipline, freedom, dedication and daily spiritual practices within the yogic lifestyle in Divinya, offers you the opportunity to gain clarity of life and its purpose.

The Divinya community is a group of highly motivated, active and dedicated visionaries, who explore a non-religious and non-dogmatic eco-spiritual way of living – exploring the life of the cosmic human on this planet. Participants are fully integrated in all the community engagements during their time in Divinya.

As an aspirant you will be engaged in the serene gardens, building projects and permaculture landscapes alongside like-minded spiritual seekers, experiencing the transformational togetherness in the unique environment. It is a valuable opportunity of learning through living, of understanding through experiencing and of growing through participating.

The aim of the program

The Ecology and Spirituality Program aims to empower individuals to make positive life changes. It is a unique opportunity to find one’s passion and function in this life and learn skills and gain wisdom to create the life which one wants to live. This one-year program provides a strong foundation to share the multiple aspects of Yoga. And for the ones who are ready to truly immerse themselves into the profound wisdom Teachings, this program will be a life-transforming experience – widening the individual perspective towards realizing our highest human potential.

Program Start

It is possible to join the program throughout the year at the beginning of each month, depending on availability. If you feel pulled, please communicate with us as soon as possible, since the program is popular and the quota is quickly filled up. However, for aspirants who have a burning interest, there will be spots open.

Scholarships available

This year the program is sponsored by our Foundation, which allows us to offer this course under the Volunteer Program. Serious aspirants can apply to use this opportunity to receive a full scholarship, which includes food, accommodation and the course fee, through the Volunteer Program. If you are interested, please click the button below to receive the application form.

Hands-on Learning

Throughout the year one can choose to set a learning-focus on either Permaculture or Ecological Building, while further topics are included for everyone.

Sustainable Horticulture & Permaculture

Participants find a wonderful opportunity to learn everything about the ecological cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers, throughout the whole process from seed to market. The ethics and principles of Permaculture are explored and applied in Divinya’s gardens, orchards and farms with a balance of theory, observation and learning hands-on skills from designing gardens, landscaping, preparing the soil, sowing, planting, fertilizing, harvesting and seed collecting, to cooking, storing and preserving of food.

Ecological Building

Participants will have the possibility to engage in all stages of the building process, from dreaming and conceptualizing to the actual manifestation of finest, ecological buildings. Students study topics as diverse as sacred design, human psychology in relation to architecture, architectural drawing, designing, sustainable materials, sustainable ecological technologies in energy and resource management and much more.

A Transformative Education

The program covers a wide range of transformative subjects:

  • Learning sustainable living through active participation in practical daily life.
  • Experiencing community life, group dynamics and functioning together.
  • Life-affirming skills such as Yoga and Meditation, including Yoga Philosophy, Hatha Yoga and Inner Yoga.
  • Learning about Natural Health including Ayurveda, Vegan- Vegetarian Cooking and Herbology.

Community singing

  • Learning Sacred Music through singing, chanting and instruments.
  • Inquiring fundamental questions on the human existence and how we have evolved.
  • Understanding and transforming different social and cultural patterns and their emotional behaviors and limitations.
  • Inquiring the life of the natural human and the triangle relationship of human, nature and cosmos: humanology – ecology – cosmology.

You are welcome to rediscover your true potential in life.
Use the special time humanity is facing, to listen within and to focus on what world you would like to live in. We welcome you to explore and co-create a practical, spiritual life – a life in devotion, gratitude and beauty.


After completion of the one-year program participants will receive a Divinya Certificate including all the attended study areas.

Covid Regulations

Divinya is following the current covid regulations from the official Swedish government website. Please make sure you are informed about current travel regulations via the Public Health Agency.
Coming to Divinya requires a negative covid test (max. 48hours). You will be provided with private accommodation for the first 5 days, during which social distancing will be followed to ensure everyone’s wellbeing. On your fifth day an in-house covid test will be given after which all regulations will be lifted.



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