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Ecology and Spirituality

The Path of the Sustainable Yogi

A Life-Affirming Transformative Educational Program. 1-year living and learning experiential course in 2 modules (each 6 months)

participants can join in every month – Scholarship available

“Let us shape the New Paradigm with our highest dreams. Let us create a world where love,
care and share are the core of every thought, of every word, of every act.
Let life be experienced as a borderless flow of joy, in compassion with all living beings, including yourself.”

Ecology & Spirituality Course

Welcome to Divinya’s unique program ‘Ecology & Spirituality’ , the path of the sustainable Yogi, offering profound learning opportunities for transformative life changes. This course is designed to bring a deeper understanding of life, key answers to the quest of a sustainable future for all and an understanding of how to practically take part in the shift in consciousness towards a new, ecological and divine era.

Ecology & Spirituality
Ecology & Spirituality course by Divinya, Sweden.

The aim of the course is personal transformation, finding one’s passion and function in this life and learning skills and wisdom to create the life which one wants to live. It is an invitation to explore possibilities of a harmonious coexistence and deep spiritual connection with oneself, with others and with nature, widening our individual human perspective and approaching life from a new, positive standpoint.

The Ecology & Spirituality Course is a Life-Affirming Transformative Educational Program conducted by Divinya in the south of Sweden. The program can be divided into two parts of each six months or absolved in one year.


The Ecology & Spirituality course is a sprouting ground for personal transformation which is the key to the ecological paradigm shift. The program includes:

  • Experiencing community life, group dynamics and functioning together. Expressing life through active participation in daily, sustainable living, which also includes creativity, music, dance, poetry and contemplation.
  • Learning a rich variety of skills within practical ecology, permaculture, eco-technology, renewable energy and ecological building. Additional life affirming skills such as vegan-vegetarian cooking, raw food, hatha yoga, inner yoga, herbology and more.
  • Learning to sustain one’s body, mind and spirit in harmony with life through various health and healing methods such as yoga, meditation and holistic health practices.
  • Exploring and co-creating Divinya’s new expression in clothing, music, art and building.
  • Inquiring fundamental questions on the human existence and how we have evolved. Inquiring the triangle relationship of human, nature and cosmos: humanology – ecology – cosmology.
  • Finding one’s passion and function in this life.
  • Understanding and transforming different social and cultural patterns and their emotional behaviors and limitations. Empowering individuals’ abilities to change their life and create the world they want to live in.
  • Co-creating a practical, spiritual life – a life beyond gender, a life in devotion, gratitude and beauty.

You are welcome to rediscover your true potential in life. Use the special time humanity is facing at the moment, to listen within and to focus on what world you would like to live in. Let’s build it in joyful togetherness! Welcome to be part of experiencing and realizing the dream of Divinya – a place for a new humanity.

A community experience:

The program is conducted within the spiritual living community of Divinya. It is a group of highly motivated, active and dedicated visionaries, who explore an eco-spiritual living and learning experience.

Divinya practices a sustainable yogic lifestyle. The daily life is tuned to the natural rhythm and stimulates a positive approach to life. The Divinya experience includes joyful devotional togetherness with morning meditation, yoga, teachings, seva (karma yoga), singing, study circles and much more.

Curriculum includes:

  • Eco-Spirituality
  • Personal transformation in connection
    with global transformation
  • Worldview
  • Sustainable development
  • Global warming
  • Energy management
  • Renewable energy management
  • Natural resource management
  • Food security in the 21st century
  • Personal CO2 audit
  • Inner Transformation
  • Transformative Cosmology
  • Inner Yoga Teacher Training
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
  • Natural Health
  • Permaculture
  • Sustainable community living
  • Creativity
  • Singing & Chanting


Ecology and Spirituality Course
Permaculture Design Course
Inner Yoga Teacher Training
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training


Deep Ecology and the Divine Agreement