Divinya Gatherings

We are happy to invite you to join the Divinya Gatherings.
Every Saturday
from 14.00 onwards

with Guruji Sri Vast

Satsang is a gathering around the truth – a profound meeting of fellow seekers exploring the deepest meaning of life; it is an inspiration to come closer to one’s true self. Deep inside of everyone there is a seeker, searching for the meaning of its existence beyond conditions, and who can find peace, joy, love and freedom dwelling in his true authentic self.

You are welcome to participate and become inspired in the graceful presence of Guruji Sri Vast – a Master, Mystic and Poet. Through his profound wisdom full of humor and simplicity, Guruji invites everyone on a journey of self-realization.

During the Satsangs you are welcome to bring up questions which are most important to you at this point of your life, questions which can bring insight towards the TOTAL LIBERATION.


14:00                    Arrival and tea
15:00 – 16:00      Singing Gathering
16:00 – 18:00      Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast
18:00                    Divinya Dinner

For questions or further information, please contact us on: 070-82 87 482

Divinya Singing Gatherings

The weekly Divinya Gathering is a meeting point for fellow seekers who are on the path of self-realization and seeking inspiration for harmonious living.
Divinya is known as Taizé of Scandinavia, where many people from all walks of life gather to sing the glory of life and express ones innermost thirst and joy. Many musicians from all over the world join these gatherings to enrich the Divinya singing experience. Due to many requests we are opening the Singing Gatherings for all people. The Divinya-Community warmly invites you to join. You are also welcome to bring your instrument.

Divinya Dinner

A delicious vegan dinner, served with joy and devotion, is part of the Gathering.
Divinya Gathering is a non-profit event, based on donation.
You are welcome to support us to expand our service for more people to benefit from our programs.

Kindly register in advance so that we can serve you better.