Cosmic Life

Throughout billions of years of evolution, so many cosmic events took place to form this life, giving rise to the divine human. For thousands of years now this divine being has been domesticated, forced to alienate itself from its original Divine Nature.

One of the core experiences of the Divinya living and learning community is to attune the daily life with nature and take active part in the cosmic events. Taking an active part means recognizing and embracing oneself during seasonal shifts, during the cosmic events such as full moon, new moon and other planetary crossings.

There is a triangular relationship between Cosmos, Nature and the Human Body. When they are completely balanced and in harmony with each other, a new consciousness arises.
Cosmic-life feature
A relationship between these three parts we call the ”Cosmic Life”. Participants to our community receive the opportunity to experience a cosmically balanced lifestyle.

The potential of a Cosmic Being

Cosmic energy vitalizes our body to live the natural state. Because of all our conditions, we have separated ourselves from this cosmic life force. Our life on this planet has a potential to be so beautiful, but the real qualities and the potentials of the human species are rarely experienced. We are not merely physical beings on Earth – we are Cosmic Beings whose experiences are directly connected with the movements of the Cosmos. By mastering the cosmic influences and reconnecting with our Divine Nature, we attain a new awareness of the Universe and recognize the divinity in ourselves and the whole creation.