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Divinya Vision

an inspiration for a new humanity

Divinya is an initiative towards the manifestation of the Divine Age – an enlightened Era.

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It is a place where people come together to create a new expression in art, music, architecture and to create a new reference for ecologically sustainable, spiritual living in all aspects of life.

Everyone wishes for a better world, a world of beauty, peace, love and freedom. But no one knows when this will happen or who will create it. Unless a group of people start to live and create, it will be a utopia forever.


Divinya is an initiative dedicated to creating a new expression of life, where beauty, love, peace and freedom are not in the future but in our present reality. 

Unless a living experience is created, every inspiration is just an idea.

Only collectively lived experiences become consciousness.

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We at Divinya – Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, welcome everyone to take part in this beautiful dream – a dream for an ecologically sustainable enlightened Era, ‘The Divine Age’.

'A Dream'


"A New World needs new inspiration, a new culture, a new food, a new beauty, a new music and a new art. A new world which is free from the past, free from religious dogmatism, free from discriminative cultures and traditions.

A New World which brings new light into our heart. A world where we all can live in the grace of divine beauty. A world where we all can live in harmony between men and women, between human and nature.

A world where God is not a myth but a reality of every moment, where God is not worshiped but practiced between us, a raceless society. A dream for dreamers, a divine poetry – ‘The Divine Age’."



Community Member

It is very beautiful to be in a place where we focus on beauty in life and all the good things. We easily tend to see the negative, what is not good in life. But there is such a plentiful greatness and beauty all around us. To be in a place where this is the focus, and where we don’t entertain the dramas of life, I find it so relieving. To be in that beauty path – sundar marg - the path of beauty. Having a place to explore the fullest potential of you. Having a place where you can confront yourself and meet life very practically. All ideas of life and all the mental pictures of what life could be – here we try to live it.

Karl, Sweden

Community Member

Divinya helps to meet your inner core - removing all your false identities and believes and misinterpretations of life and fully meet yourself. Here we use the term, a hatchery for a new humanity, that is one of the main goals of Divinya. Hopefully Divinya carves the path for more people to meet themselves fully and gain a new perspective on life.

Tomi, Croatia

Community Member

We so urgently need a transition of humanity to a sustainable way of living on this planet. Since I moved to the spiritual community of Divinya I start to understand these terms in a much deeper way. Now I see that ecology and spirituality are actually not two different fields, but one and the same. A transition of society to an ecological way of living requires the inner transformation of every individual, how we understand ourselves and the world. As long as we understand ourselves as something distinct from so called nature, as a separate entity, the natural order cannot be reinstalled. In Divinya life is about coming back to our natural state, getting to know ourselves, to understand what we are and come back to our true essence.

Judith, Germany

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Home to a living and learning Yoga Community

Divinya is home to a group of people who practice yoga as a way of living and are actively engaged in creating a profound holistic living and learning atmosphere. 




8-day retreat with
Guruji Sri Vast


A 3 or 7 day living experience in Divinya

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3 to 12-month volunteering program in Divinya

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Satsang with
Guruji Sri Vast
and Sacred Music

divinya times

Divinya Times Magazine - A New Beginning - January 2021

In this edition community members share their personal journeys of how coming to Divinya has brought a new beginning to their lives and how they resonate with Divinya’s vision for a new beginning for humanity.

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