Welcome to be a Volunteer

Short and Long-term Volunteering

Would you like to join the Divinya community in a joyful living and learning environment? We are offering this excellent opportunity to applicants who have an extensive thirst for self-transformation and who are pulled by the vision to live and co-create a life in harmony with themselves, nature and the cosmic realm.

We invite you to come to the heart of Divinya’s living experience. The engagement as a volunteer includes a wide range of areas such as permaculture, gardening, landscaping, eco-sustainable building, visual media and much more. The program is open for inspired and self-motivated individuals who already have knowledge and experience within these areas, as well as for those who are new and passionate to learn.

Short-term Volunteering is a minimum of 1 month.
Long-term Volunteering is from 6 months to 12 months, with the opportunity to take part in the 1-month Yoga Teacher Training.


Hay un lugar especial en mi corazón en el que guardo mi experiencia en Divinya. Me quedé durante un mes, verdaderamente un tiempo de crecimiento y de conexión de corazón con corazón con la otra gente, aprendiendo más sobre mi yo interior y a entregarme a la vida. Este es un lugar al que volver...



Gracias por ser tan amables, abiertos y por mostrarnos como puede ser la vida en una comunidad! Conocí tanta gente hermosa y tuve conversaciones inspiradoras y llenas de significado. Sentí que este es un lugar que puede transformar vidas....