Bewirb dich als Volontär

Kurz- und Langzeit-Volontariat

Möchtest du an der Divinya-Gemeinschaft in einer freudvollen Lebens- und Lernumgebung teilnehmen? Wir bieten diese exzellente Gelegenheit Bewerbern, die ein starkes Verlangen nach Selbsttransformation haben und die von der Vision angezogen werden, ein Leben in Harmonie mit sich selbst, der Natur und dem kosmischen Reich zu leben und mit zu erschaffen.

Wir laden dich ein, in die lebendige Erfahrung von Divinya einzutauchen. Das Engagement als Volontär umfasst eine Vielzahl von Bereichen wie Permakultur, Gartenarbeit, Landschaftsgestaltung, ökologisch nachhaltiges Bauen, visuelle Medien und vieles mehr. Das Programm steht inspirierten und selbstmotivierten Personen offen, die bereits über Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen in diesen Bereichen verfügen, sowie für Neulinge und Lernbegeisterte.

Kurzzeit-Volontariat: mindestens 1 Monat.
Langzeit-Volontariat: 6 bis 12 Monate, mit der Möglichkeit, an der 4-wöchigen Yogalehrerausbildung teilzunehmen.


Thank you all for your openness, kindness and showing how life can be in a community! I met so many beautiful people and had meaningful and inspiring conversations. I felt that this is a life changing place....



There is a special place in my heart where I treasure the experience I had to live in Divinya.I stayed 1 month, truly a time of growth and connecting heart to heart to people, getting to know more about my inner self and learning to surrender to life. This is a place where I will go back again and again, ...


DIVINYA – Volunteering Guidelines

Welcome to Divinya – a natural sanctuary for innovative learning, a learning ground to explore the true potential of life. We are an eco-spiritual learning and living community, inspired by the enlightened Master, Guruji Sri Vast. Volunteers have the opportunity to attend Guruji’s Satsangs and retreats during their stay. Please learn more at www.srivast.org

Divinya offers a transformative living and learning process. It gives the possibility for the participants to learn new skills and new insights. The life at Divinya is tuned to the natural rhythm and stimulates a positive approach to life. You are welcome to rediscover your true potential in life.


04.30                       Morning Meditation
05.00                       Non Practicing – ‘Just Living’
06.00                       Yoga
07.30 – 10.00         Learning , Community Work and Common Activities
10.00                        Lunch
11.00 – 15.00          Learning , Community Work and Common Activities
15.00                        Tea Break
15.30 – 17.00          Learning , Community Work and Common Activities
18.00                        Dinner
19.00                        Evening program: spontaneous gatherings,
                                documentaries/movies, self study and self- time

Divinya’s schedule follows the natural rhythm of nature. Everything in the nature starts to wake up in the dawn time. This is a very energetic time of the day. We at Divinya take part in this natural energetic time. Following this rhythm aligns your body with nature, giving you the opportunity to enter into a new experience of natural living. We expect everyone to participate in the daily schedule.

The Divinya community gathers in the morning hours, sharing a time of ‘just living’. This can be a time for reading, writing or engaging in self inquiries, a time to express creativity, write poetry, and allowing each day to arise gently in togetherness and non-practicing. It can also be a time to go for a walk on your own, listening to morning choirs of nature and participating in the magical play of the arising dawn. Divinya thrives on the cosmic life experience, where the human and nature is co-experiencing each other’s presence and co-creating this life form. Beyond our cultural, religious and personal identities, we humans, as a natural species need space to wander and wonder about our own existence in this infinite existence.

All Divinya programs are attuned to create this transformative living experience, where our intellect dissolves into intelligence, where we enter into a non-practicing state of ‘just living’.

By 5 am a light breakfast including fruits and tea are available in the community dining, for those who want.

It is important to be awake during these hours, to not involve in any exercises or engage in a ‘working’ mode. It is all about exploring the dawn time in a state of non-practicing – just living.

In Divinya we have many courses in the field of Ecology and Spirituality. Courses such as permaculture design, yoga, raw food, ecological building and study circles on the topics of Ecology, Cosmology and Humanology. Volunteers have the beautiful opportunity to participate in some of the courses and retreats during their stay in Divinya.
Almost every week we have Yoga Weekends filled with Yoga, Chanting, Concerts and Satsang.

Picnic, playing , swimming in the lakes, nature walks, creating music, taking care of the community spaces and similar.

Gardening, building, cooking, cleaning, social media, video editing, writing, translating, etc.
Preparing and co-creating together the Yoga Mela Festival

The dress code at Divinya aims for a genderless approach. We recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing for indoors and outdoors. The weather in Sweden can vary between warm and cold. We suggest that you bring warm outdoor clothing and solid shoes.

Divinya wishes to keep the common spaces, as much as possible, internet and phone free. Internet is available daily between 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm. In Divinya’s office, the internet is used only for the purpose of working towards Divinya’s vision. We request you to maintain that space purely for that.

In Divinya we have the approach that Nature is the source of a healing process. Nature exercises and one’s own interaction with Nature creates the foundation of the healing process. We therefore recommend not to perform and use any healing or massage techniques on each other. If you are a qualified therapist, please inform us in advance. Whenever there is a need for medical assistance you can contact the volunteer coordinator.

We have tasty Italian and Indian inspired vegetarian and vegan cuisine.