Welcome to be a Volunteer

3, 6, or 12-month volunteering

Would you like to experience the Divinya community in a joyful living and learning environment?

Divinya offers a unique volunteering opportunity to applicants who have an extensive thirst for self-transformation and who are pulled by the vision to live and co-create a life in peace, beauty, love and in harmony with ourselves, nature and the cosmic realm. A dream not to be realized at some moment in distant future, but right here, right now!

We invite you to come to the heart of Divinya’s living experience. At Divinya volunteers live within the active and devoted eco-spiritual community of people from around the world. The community is inspired by the teachings of Guruji Sri Vast and dedicated to create a new expression of life. This vision is the common ground and the higher motive of everything we do in our daily life. Learning in Divinya is very practical. We learn through living and doing. This gives a direct hands-on experience and skills for life.

The engagement as a volunteer includes a wide range of areas such as permaculture, gardening, landscaping, eco-sustainable building, visual media and much more. The program is open for inspired and self-motivated individuals who already have knowledge and experience within these areas, as well as for those who are passionate to learn.

The process of self-motivated learning is a very vibrant part of the community life. As a Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, we explore topics in our study circles and daily activities such as ecology & spirituality, sustainable living, ecological building, permaculture, floriculture, sustainable energies, living in beauty, herbal remedies, natural therapies, yoga, ayurveda, meditation, gender liberation, community living, cosmology and eco-psychology, which gives a rich learning experience.


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Covid Regulations
Divinya is following the current covid regulations from the official Swedish government website. Please make sure you are informed about current travel regulations via the Public Health Agency.
Coming to Divinya requires a negative covid test (max. 48hours). You will be provided with private accommodation for the first 5 days, during which social distancing will be followed to ensure everyone’s wellbeing. On your fifth day an in-house covid test will be given after which all regulations will be lifted.